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Mid-Week Remedies

Getting thru the week is usually the hardest when it's mid week, don't you think so? We've past Monday Blues BUT still so far away from TGIFridays. To help you and me get thru our mid-week blues/ stress/ meh-ness ( is that even a word) / procrastinating / wednes-hell-day / or whatever you call it, I've started my very own little Mid-Week Remedies to share with you ways to get over a Mid-Week Syndrome so that we can change that frown into a smile and look forward to the weekend!!!! *Screams with excitement* :)

So, for this first series of Mid-Week Remedies, I want to share with you a good book that would definitely kick the mid-week blues outta your system. As the saying goes,

Reading a good book from your fav authors is definitely satisfying. You get to travel to places by only sitting on your couch or laying on your comfy bed. What's the last good book you've read? I wanna know.
Today I'd like to share with you One of my all time favorit…