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HABA : Health Aid Beauty Aid

Hey Girlies & MMAOans, 
I hope all of you had a great weekend. MY weekend was a lazy one. Like literally, I just didn't want to move, I didn't want to get up from where I was sitting, I didn't want to bathe too. haha. Oh Yes, You can say that The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars would have been the right song for that situation. Maybe it's cuz I had a long week at work. Ergh, I just don't want to go there.. 
The highlight of my weekend was attending HABA Beauty Talk. HABA , Health Aid Beauty Aid, founded by its Beauty Producer, Ms. Chieko Hiromori, is a well known beauty Brand from Japan. To be honest, I have never heard of this brand. But, after the one hour Beauty Talk conducted by Ms Hiromori herself, in Pavilion, I realized that every ingredient in a product we use is very very important. And, I found a lot of interesting facts about HABA.  What's interesting about HABA?   They live by the principle to adopt the "Mutenka Shugi" which means "additi…

Elysium (2013)

Look at this! I won preview screening passes for the movie , ELYSIUM staring Matt Damon & Jodie Foster!! Thank You Red.FM! I went with mom to TGV Sunway Pyramid for it. Okayy.. It was not my first choice of movie but I know I didn't want to pay to go for it, SO , winning it, that was good!. Ergh..but I wish I'd won tix for The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones though. 
....Anyways, I thought the movie was a lil draggy..and the setting of the movie was wayyyy in the future. 2154. hahahah..I can't even imagine how it would be when it's year 2020 :P My fave part of the movie was Elysium itself. The planet looked perfect! Very cool indeed. and the robots , haha, can you imagine policemen are now robots..haha..
 Here's a synopsis of the movie in case you haven't watched it. (NO i did not write any of it. I'M just too lazy to think). Credits to In the year 2159 two classes of people exist: the very wealthy who live…

This is it.

AND, so here I am. I've been gone for too long. I lost myself in all that had happened. NOW,I'm slowly picking myself up. I have deleted some of my posts only because every time I read it , it brings back memories, memories that I've been suppressing inside of me. AND SO, it is time. It is time for me to forget my past, forgive myself and to do start doing what I love, and be the best i can be for MYSELF.  because.. I DESERVE THE BEST .