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Event: Sasa Mask Run

Have you ever experienced a situation where you're excited but nervous at the same time? Well, this Sasa Mask Run gave me sweaty palms for sure! Games that are timed usually makes me nervous-only because I am so afraid I'd screw it up. LOL. But, you get pumped up and the feeling of it is exciting yet stressfull at the same time. If that makes sense :P

Althea Turns 1 !!

Pink is the new Black and just like that Althea turns 1 ! Happy Birthday Althea!

5th -7th August 2016

What to look forward at RWMF2016? Only a month to go til the 2016 Rainforest World Music Festival! Rainforest World Music Festival,also known as RWMF is a yearly music event that is anticipated by music enthusiast all around the world. People come from near and far to be a part of this music festival that happens in the heart the Borneo Jungle! It is not like any other music events that we've been to. This one is rich in culture and it showcases the different kinds of influences based on the culture from all around the world.


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Spring / Summer 2016 Collection How lucky are we to be able to experience summer all year round! Well, other than the rainy season of course,LOL. The tropical weather gives us an advantage to dress up and play around with different summer styles.