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Beautifest 2014

Well, Hello there! Look at what's taking place on Malaysia Day 2014! A Beauty event for all Beauty Junkies!

 No plans on Malaysia Day? Why not be a part of Beautifest 2014 ! Organized by Intimate Affairs, this event calls for all MakeUp Enthusiasts!
It will be a day to connect with a diverse race of  women of all professions while you let their team of professional makeup artists and stylists transform you into a supermodel for a day! Plus, their professional photographers will work their magic with shots that highlights your best angles
As seen in the Invitation,  #Beautifest2014 will be held at:-
RUANG @ Subang Jaya
16th September 2014 (Malaysia Day)
Between 10AM 6PM

Early Bird Price: RM250 ( 17th - 31st August ) Normal Price : RM350 Payment can be made via online transfer to: MAYBANK ACC  INTIMATE AFFAIRS ENTERPRISE (5641-4664-0858)
If you want to score invites for #Beautifest2014, all you have to is take your best before and after #selfie shot and post it on instagram …

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey everyone!
So, I’ve just been nominated by my good friend and fellow blogger Shivani Balraj from Pen My Blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m truly honored. To me, I believe that no two bloggers are the same. Every blogger has his or her uniqueness which differentiates them from the rest. From the way they write, to the layout of their blog to the photos they take and most importantly the things they share makes them who they are. And somehow, all though they can be complete strangers, they can also have so much in common with you when what they share comes from the heart.
To be honest, I’m still a baby blogger, so much to learn and so much I want to share and to be nominated with this award, It would mean that I’ve been doing something right and I hope my readers enjoy reading my blog.
Now, let’s get to it shall we? Here’s how it works, there are a few rules to follow when doing this tag, Say THANK YOU to the person who gave you the award. As a token of appreciation it wo…