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A day or two at Dara Independence Beach Resort & Spa

Dara Independence Beach Resort & Spa is a holiday everyone should experience at least once. We read about Greece, Maldives and other locations with such beautiful views and ambiance. Aren't we lucky that we can experience something similar here in Southeast Asia? and, to be exact, Southern Cambodia!

Keep reading to find out my take on rating this hotel and also FIVE reasons why I would come back for another night at Dara Independence!

My Travel Mistakes, Your Travel Tips

The idea of planning a holiday be it a local or an overseas trip always excite me. I’ve traveled quite a bit and made a few mistakes along the way, so I thought I'd share with you some of the mistakes I’ve made which could be tips for you to think about when planning your holiday.

Answering your 5Ws and 1H from CBD, Melbourne.

Planning a travel itinerary can be quite tedious but interesting especially if it’s a first for you to that country. You’d try to squeeze as much into a day and find the best route to get you from one destination to the other. In this post, I’ll let you in on some of the places to visit and the right location to stay at if you are planning to do tourist-y things when you are in Central Business District (CBD) in Melbourne. 

A Eulogy for our dearest Daddy

06 January 1953- too soon I've decided to post this Eulogy for our dearest daddy, Alloy Goffery Richards on the blog so that in the years to come, we (and everyone) will always remember this eulogy for our dearest Daddy.Year 2017 was the toughest year. I had to face my biggest fear which was losing a parent - my dad. We still miss him, every minute of everyday. I don't think we'll ever be able to fill the void we have in our hearts. But, we will carry his strength and memories with us to help us get through those difficult days when we long to have him for just one more day. How much he loved us and how he cared for us will give us some comfort knowing that he is still watching over us today, as our guardian angel. 💜

Looking to buy a house in Singapore?

Guides for couples-buying HDB together Two singles who are madly in love with each other decided to stay together, so what comes next? Settling down into a new nest is another new journey in life. Before settling down, a house is needed to start the next journey.

Palladio Ombré 2-in-1 Lip Color

Looking for an Ombré Lip Color that will suit you? Well, Palladio Beauty has just what you need.

Biji-Biji X Nakakoma Orimono Mini Fest

Collection Launch & Mini Fest
To commemorate the 60th diplomatic anniversary between Malaysia and Japan, Biji- Biji has collaborated with Nakakoma Orimono, a Japanese Kimono company by coming up with products that incorporates Biji-biji's signature seat belt and Japanese traditional kimono.