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A dash of Pink

Every girl needs a little pink <3
The weekend is almost over. *Sigh* Did you have a great one? My weekend was just wonderful! It was a weekend with the family! After a long time, finally , a wedding! My cousin is now married! Congratulations Manang Estral and Manong Eddie! * Welcome to the family Manong Eddie* They prolly won't read this but yeah! I'm really happy for them <3 Going back to work after an awesome weekend is usually the hardest kan? Like you just wished the weekend never ended. Here's something you can start the day with. A.LIPSTICK. I just wanna share a new lipstick that I purchased a couple of days ago. I've always wanted to buy a pink / fuchsia lipstick but didn't know if it would suit me. Guess what? It actually did! This color actually suits all skin tones :) 
Here's what I bought. The color of this is called FUCHSIA FLASH bySmashbox which costs about RM69
I don't have anything that I can compare with right now but let me tell you t…

MYJ Beauty

MakeUpByJames  Hey Girls!

I hope it's not too late to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! How time flies. It feels like only yesterday it was Christmas. I'm sorry I've been missing since after Christmas. I only had a week of leave and then when the new year started , we've been preparing for the auditors to come, lotsa changes , extra workload.And I told myself, a month of blogging break is the most I'll give myself. So here I am, back on track :)
Anyhoos, let's not talk about work. I've been wanting to share with you a new make up line that has been released here in Malaysia. This product is not foreign in London. It's been selling so well in that market although it only started about two years ago.
This product that I'm raving about is MYJ Beauty. MYJ Beauty is founded by Jameson Juwily. Did you know that Jameson is actually Malaysian and from Sabah! And to make his mark in London is something we should be so proud of!