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Finding My Zen  Hello there! Thank you for dropping by! Here's a little sharing post for all of you.
Work has been very stressful this past couple of months. With the new structure being implemented, extra workload and other factors to contribute to the pain of all of these, what else could the result be other than stress. I told myself that I do not want to feel this way. I can't and I won't allow myself only because all stress could attract negative energy which leads to depression. I knew that the only way that I could get away from all of that was to start doing something that could change all the negativity into something positive.
And, I've come to realise that my way of finding my zen is through yoga.
Yoga, is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj which means *to join* or *to yoke* . It is a way of mediation done by the Hindus back in the days to unite their mind, body and spirit through certain physical and mental exercises so that they will be in a state of co…

Maybelline NewYork White Superfresh with SPF 34 PA+++

Happy Friday everyone! Finally , after two long weeks of my crazy work schedule , I finally get to sit and review products that I am currently using.  This time around, I'll share with you the new Maybelline New York  White Superfresh with SPF34 PA+++ . In keeping up with the makeup trend of that matte finish look, Maybelline too has come up with a Long Lasting UV Cake Powder that will not only give you that bright matte finish but also leave you feeling fresh up to 12hours.It comes in four different shades, which are the 02 Nude Bridge , 03 Natural , 04 Honey and 05 Sand Beige. So, don't worry if you're fair or tan, you'll be able to find one that matches your skin tone.
Available at most drugstores, you'll be able to purchase this Maybelline New York White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder at a reasonable price of RM23.90 and a refill at RM11.90
The difference between Maybelline's White Superfresh compared to the other face powder or foundation is the C…

BCL BFF Makeup Party

Do you know what's even better than spending a day with your BFF? It's Spending a day with her at a Makeup Party! Thanks to BCL Malaysia, a BFF make up party by Takaru Hiroki was organized for make up enthusiasts like myself and fellow bloggers along with our BFFs!
If you did not already know, Beauty Creative Lab also known as BCL is a Japanese Makeup brand that has been a round for quite a while now. BCL has three ranges of products, Makemania Data-To stimulate women’s makeup soul ; BrowLash Ex-Eye makeup perfect for beginners and Tsururi-A skincare range that targets pores is suitable for both the young and working adults.
Now, before we get to the workshop itself, here's a picture of my BFF Edazz and myself!
The makeup session was conducted by makeup artist, Takaru Hiroki san. He thought us how to create two different looks, Cool Beauty and Japanese Idol. Cool Beauty empahasizes on looking more mature and defined which is suitable for any day. The Japanese Idol howev…

Unlocking Secrets with Eskayvie

Hey there!
Have you ever wondered if you're consuming the right supplements? Or which one actually helps? The price of these supplements is not cheap too because each supplement has different functions. And,looking at all the different supplements out there, do you really know which one would actually work for you?
Eskayvie and The Butterfly ProjectMalaysia had organized a little afternoon tea session at the Pullman Hotel, Bangsar to enlighten us on two of their products, the Eskayvie Redianze and I-Qids. * Thank you for having us*
The difference between Eskayvie and other supplements is that these innovative products are designed to preserve and promote health and beauty only using premium natural ingredients.Redianze has the right amount of ingredients that would actually help in maintaining one's natural beauty and glow withing a shorter period of time. So, it's not all beauty, it promotes good health too! Read on to find out more!

A medical doctor by profession, Dr S…