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A Gong Cha Surprise

Blood is thicker than waterHere's 10 reasons why I wanna win that Gong Cha Truck!
1- I have a huge ass family.  Being born in a Filipino family ( my mom is Filipino and my dad is Eurasian btw), I am so lucky to have so many cousins that I look forward to meet when we have family gatherings. So if I win this Gong Cha Treat Truck, It's gonna be a family gathering like no other.
 3- With all the different dishes ( Filipino and Eurasian )  that we always have, Gong Cha would fit right in and complete the 'makan' session!
4- I know I've mentioned my family is huge, but I have so many little cousins too, which without a doubt would be the most excited ones if Gong Cha made a surprise visit! *fingers crossed!*

5- Family gatherings aren't just for special occasions. Having regular gatherings makes the family bond stronger. We cousins usually meet up on the weekends while our parents catch up over coffee :) Now, if I win that Gong Cha truck, we could all b…

MakeUp Review : Have you met Gienah?

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by!
Today I'll be reviewing a Contour Blush from Nars. I don't usually contour on a daily basis . Probably only do it when there's an event or a function to attend. But in this post I would like to show you how easy it is to contour! 
There are different kinds of Contour Blush that you can use to contour, for example, Liquid, Cream or powder. Which ever it is, it definitely makes a difference. Models get their sunken cheeks heighten because of the way make up artists play with highlights by contouring. Hence, photographers take advantage of this during shoots. It is most popular with celebrities. We see celebs like Kim Kardashian whom make up artists use as an inspiration. With various contouring palettes available and the right technique, you'll be looking all pretty in no time!Nars has three palettes, Olympia, Paloma and Gienah. Olympia is suitable for fair skin, Paloma; medium and Gienah would be a tan to dark skin tone. When cont…