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Biji-Biji X Nakakoma Orimono Mini Fest

Collection Launch & Mini Fest
To commemorate the 60th diplomatic anniversary between Malaysia and Japan, Biji- Biji has collaborated with Nakakoma Orimono, a Japanese Kimono company by coming up with products that incorporates Biji-biji's signature seat belt and Japanese traditional kimono.

A day or two at Dara Independence Beach Resort & Spa

Dara Independence Beach Resort & Spa is a holiday everyone should experience at least once. We read about Greece, Maldives and other locations with such beautiful views and ambiance. Aren't we lucky that we can experience something similar here in Southeast Asia? and, to be exact, Southern Cambodia!

Keep reading to find out my take on rating this hotel and also FIVE reasons why I would come back for another night at Dara Independence!