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Make it Black by Johnnie Walker

It does not always have to be a scary haunted Halloween!
This year, Johnnie Walker is taking it up notch by celebrating it’s individual taste and personality of Johnnie Walker Black Label, a variant of the Johnnie Walker Series. Johnnie Walker Black Label had recently launched a new global campaign on the 14th of October 2014 called Make it Black. The campaign serves as a significant milestone for the brand as it evolves away from the classic image of JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK LABEL into something that’s edgier and with a more vibrant personality. Not only will whisky lovers remember the instantly recognizable smoky, complex yet balanced flavors of Johnnie Walker Black Label but remember the progressive and inspirational spirit that John Walker bottled when he created this iconic whisky.

Ice Cream Appreciation Day

by Fatbaby Ice Cream In this day and age, it's not fate that brings people together, it's Ice-cream. Let's see if I can prove that by the end of the post.Fatbaby Ice Cream organized an Ice Cream Appreciation Day yesterday afternoon. Oh how I wish there were more Ice Cream Appreciation Days. Well, usually, you're only able to get Fatbaby Ice Cream at certain cafes but guess what, you can now go to their physical store which is coming really soon!

Traditionally Modern by Illusiongraphy - Part 1

The Remake of Asoka About a couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Illusiongraphy to be a part of their latest project, A project to showcase the talents behind Illusiongraphy. Being a photograher is not an easy task. Yes, a proper DSLR camera will do the trick but I believe one needs to have the eye for photography. It's now the things you see but the way you see it that makes a whole lot of difference in the final results of the photograph. And, I am so glad I was given the opportunity to work with such a talented team. Before we get down to business, let me first introduce to you Illusiongraphy.