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Launch Event Let me start by Congratulating CLUB CLIO on the launch of the first outlet in South East Asia! This first outlet is in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia!

☕ Coffee Day 2.0 with IJM Land ☕

COFFEE FOR THE COMMUNITY A couple of weeks ago, IJM Land was so kind to organize a Coffee Day for the community at their ICE Gallery at their Pantai Sentral Park. Since Christmas is just around the corner, this was a good activity with the family especially those who love coffee, like myself! The highlight other than the beautiful show units that was readily available for viewing is the coffee workshop by Daniel Liew, the founder of the Barista Guild of Asia!

Palladio Beauty

I bet you know that feeling when a new brand hits our stores, yes, that excitement every time. I am happy to share that Palladio is on its way here! Sold in over 40 countries, Palladio Beauty has landed on our shores. Well, more like it landed in Guardian Health and Beauty Stores, KLCC and Ipoh Parade! By the end of 2016, there would be 37 counters in Guardian stores throughout Malaysia.


High Performance Naturals
"One lipstick is more than enough " says no girl EVER and it is for this very reason, my lipstick collection increases every month. *yes, I'm guilty as charged* 
Are you intrigued by these swatches?
Read on to find out more!

WEVents 6th Anniversary

I wanna..
Guess who's celebrating it's 6th anniversay this September!It is none other than WEVents !

#LittleTravelSeries - Kuching, Sarawak

Land of the hornbills Hey! Welcome back to my #LittleTravelSeries. This time I'll be sharing my experiences in Kuching, Sarawak.

Event: Sasa Mask Run

Have you ever experienced a situation where you're excited but nervous at the same time? Well, this Sasa Mask Run gave me sweaty palms for sure! Games that are timed usually makes me nervous-only because I am so afraid I'd screw it up. LOL. But, you get pumped up and the feeling of it is exciting yet stressfull at the same time. If that makes sense :P

Althea Turns 1 !!

Pink is the new Black and just like that Althea turns 1 ! Happy Birthday Althea!

5th -7th August 2016

What to look forward at RWMF2016? Only a month to go til the 2016 Rainforest World Music Festival! Rainforest World Music Festival,also known as RWMF is a yearly music event that is anticipated by music enthusiast all around the world. People come from near and far to be a part of this music festival that happens in the heart the Borneo Jungle! It is not like any other music events that we've been to. This one is rich in culture and it showcases the different kinds of influences based on the culture from all around the world.


Earn as you shop for new Travel Deals! Online shopping and travel planning just got a whole lot better with ShopBack! Imagine shopping on a site that allows you to get cash back while you shop from your favorite merchants! NO reason to NOT to shop now, right? Read on to find out more!


Spring / Summer 2016 Collection How lucky are we to be able to experience summer all year round! Well, other than the rainy season of course,LOL. The tropical weather gives us an advantage to dress up and play around with different summer styles.


  Hey guys, welcome back to my Travel space. Since the launch the new section on the blog a week ago, I've also started a #LittleTravelSeries for #LittleEyesOfMineTRAVELS . Basically, in this section, I will be sharing the places I visit when I travel. I'll try to include as much as I can so that you guys will have some idea of where to visit and what to do when you travel to some of these places.
The picture I drew was what I saw on my way back from my trip to Australia. My phone could not capture it so I drew it!

Anyways, I'm open to suggestions and ideas, so do let me know what you guys would wanna see!
Stay tuned for more Travel posts! 


5 Travel Essentials Hey Everyone,  I'm so excited to post this first TRAVEL BLOGPOST!
& look there's a new hashtag!! #LittleEyesofMineTRAVELS


Five Minutes

Organic Overnight Oats Hey Everyone,  In case you didn't know, I've been trying to be healthy the whole month of May. Or Mid May LOL, I knew I couldn't control my diet when I went to Australia, so I had to do a little damage control when I got back. Since then, I've been trying to eat healthy. Yes, seems quite impossible for me since my mom is constantly trying out new dishes at home and baking pies. Anyways, I might have found just the right thing to help me stay healthy. I'm not usually consistent when it comes to diet, seeing that I supposed to start it beginning of the year *oh gosh* One week of these was just what I needed. What I'm about to share with you is gonna be useful for those who wanna stay fit and healthy.


Artist Acrylip
Inspired by the rich, intense acrylic paints used by artists,  this bold pigmented lip formula covers lips with intense liquid colour.  Fine and non-sticky, it dresses lips with weightless soft-gloss color.
PINK IS THE NEW RED! Don't get me wrong, red lippies are my go-to lip colour for any occasion. But this fuchsia is my current obsession. This Limited Edition Make Up For Ever Liquid Stain is just one of the pretty lip colours I own. The formula is inspired by acrylic paints for an intense liquid colour on lips. It comes in a black tube packaging with a fuchsia coloured cap. There is only one size available for this product which is 7 ml. The colour that I have is #922 in Electric Fuchsia. This colour suits most skin tones and will add a little extra touch to your make up look be it a simple of full face make up. The intensity of the colour as well as how pigmented it is makes it even prettier when you apply it. 

Heritage Through Scent

Nyonya by Josh Lee Hi everyone!!! I'm sorry, I know it's been a while! Everyone's been asking me why I haven't been posting much , but I've been so busy with my day job. :( I promise I'll try to keep this page dust free☺Anyways, I've got something interesting to share ! Yes,as the title says, this is gonna be a perfume review! 
Shall we get to it?


Cream Cheek

A Tokyo brand that's slowly making it's way to the heart of Malaysian MakeUp lovers? Yes, it is none other than CANMAKE Tokyo. This is my purchase of 2016! Excited much! Shall we take a look at what I got?

Review: Simpli Dry

The Blow Dry Bar Looking for convenient, easy and efficient hair saloon to go to in the middle of your busy schedule? & with the festivities that is around the corner, here's one that i highly recommend!