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Encore Melaka Impression Series Review

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! 
Before we get into the details of this week’s post, I just wanted to say this, I know I’ve mentioned that I would share my experience with all of you but writing this post puts me in a situation. As much as I want to share pictures and videos, and what parts you should look forward to of the Encore Melaka show, at the same time, I’m a little hesitant to share because I want you to watch and experience it yourself and feel the emotions without me planting any in your mind. So, I guess I’ll try my best to put it into words with only a couple of pictures. All I can say is, trust me, this is one show worth experiencing.

Will I be able to follow through for 365 days?

#Project365 Happy New Year everyone! It' 2019!
Welcome back to the blog!
I hope everyone had a good start to the year so far. Would you believe that it’s been six years since I started my blog?! How time flies! I know, I know.. I do not blog as much as I did before (I’m sorry, I’ll try to post more than I did last year) but, blogging is still something that’s close to my heart. It was my very first project and you could say that it was my baby. I would like to thank all those who have been on this journey with for all the support and love but most importantly, THANK YOU for taking the time to read my posts!