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Bag of Love

Image's all that and so much more... Before I begin
 I wanna say THANK YOU for choosing me to review the Halloween Bag of Love  Lice!
You bet that I am the happiest caterpillar around!

I wanna also say THANK YOU to Mama Butterfly Tammy for creating The Butterfly Project! You bring us bloggers together, be it baby caterpillar bloggers or butterfly bloggers.
I think I say this for all of us, your efforts are appreciated !
So please continue what you're doing and continue to inspire all of us!
Also, A BIGTHANK YOU to Mimi, Mama of Bag of Love. From what I've seen, heard and read about you, You're definitely a very humble entrepreneur and you show us that dreams can come true if we continue and don't give up.

To be honest, this is my first Bag of Love. I've always tried different beauty boxes, until I heard about it from my friend and oh-so-cute blogger Edazz. Thanks Babe! But I never really tried one!
So this a pretty exciting!

Alright, Here goes..
I received my …

I've been spooked!

Spook-Tober with Nuffnang!  Hellow Mellow ! So, yesterday I attended an event by Nuffnang , #GSCHorrorFest to be precised.  This event was held in conjunction with Halloween which is this THURSSDDAYYYY!!! *Excited*   ABIG THANK YOU toNuffnang , GSC 1 UtamaandChurp Churpfor organizing this event!

Nuffnang was looking for150 Nuffnangers to c join them for the fright of our lives on the 26th of October from 6pm to 2am at GSC 1 Utama. And I was one of the lucky Nuffnangers to win 2 pairs of tickets! During the last Halls of Horror Halloween event, I went as a witch, check out my previous post here if you missed it. And , this time I didn't know what to go as. I was inspired by #TVD esp with them always getting hurt (in accidents) , I thought I'd do my own make up . I hope it looked good. I think I did. LOL. what do you think? And I wore a Chinese Traditional CheongSam , a pair of black feathered earrings and a pair of black wedges to go with the whole look.
I received four pass…

Discount Heaven!

Body Shop-Up to 70% off!
If you didn't already know, Body Shop is having a major sale! It's until the 7th of November I think, But it's while stocks last! So, i suggest that you all check it out now ASAP! Their sale is up to 70% off and it is awesome! It'll be super pack though! Trust me when I say it! When I walked in, there was no turning back ! The outlet that I went to was in Sunway Pyramid! After shopping in Sephora, and on the way to Mary Chia for a beauty talk, I couldn't help myself but enter Body Shop ! I only managed to grab what was at the entrance. LOL because it was the easiest to pick out.  This is what I bought!Yes , it is only body stuff this time, but I told myself, next round (prolly one of these days during the week) I'll go back and buy their cosmetic products. It suits me and I Love it!

Okayy, that was the break down of what i bought. I accidently threw the receipt away so I won't be able to tell you exactly how much each of it cost. …