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Project I See

by Kita Kawan Mah! OhmyGosh! We're only one sleep away til Christmas! I'm really excited! Just like everyone else, Christmas is my most favorite time of the year! Christmas is a time of giving, a time to spend with our loved ones, a time to share the joy with people around us. Some of us are really blessed to have all these but unfortunately, some spend Christmas alone or far away from their families.

So this Christmas, something special is taking place at Black Box, Publika. A project that will open our eyes to look beyond the words 'workers' or 'migrants' , because WE after all are the same, earning to provide for our families.

" We are just ordinary rakyat of Malaysia. We love our rojak culture.  We are awesome because we are different. We love our muhibah spirit. We are all kawan. " - Kita Kawan Mah-
According to Kita Kawan Mah, " Project I See is a project came to be after they read about how, when a Nepalese migrant climbed a roof in Tama…

Christmas Giveaway III

Week 3NAIL POLISH LOVERS!!!!!! THIS IS FOR YOU!!! I'm back with my Third Giveaway! I'm sorry this giveaway is running a little late girls! But here it is! This product is something I fell in love with when i first tried it on! I know there are many nail polish brands out there , but this is one of my favourites! 

If you read my post a few months ago, I got a set of China Glaze nail lacquer went I attended Pink n Proper's Bikini Pool Party! Click here it you missed it! And, I've used it so many times!
So, this giveaway , one of you lucky girls will be lucky enough to get your hands on a limited edition Christmas set! It's not any set like you've ever had, this set is called ' Sparkle All the Way!'  Sparkle All the Way is one of the five Christmas Sets that is perfect for a Christmas present! It comes with three colors.

I know I would want this for Christmas! My favorite colour as you know is the Be Merry Be Bright! (…

Have yourself a Happy HoliGlaze !

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