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27 August 2013

Hey Girlies & MMAOans, 

I hope all of you had a great weekend. MY weekend was a lazy one. Like literally, I just didn't want to move, I didn't want to get up from where I was sitting, I didn't want to bathe too. haha. Oh Yes, You can say that The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars would have been the right song for that situation. Maybe it's cuz I had a long week at work. Ergh, I just don't want to go there.. 

The highlight of my weekend was attending HABA Beauty Talk. HABA , Health Aid Beauty Aid, founded by its Beauty Producer, Ms. Chieko Hiromori, is a well known beauty Brand from Japan. To be honest, I have never heard of this brand. But, after the one hour Beauty Talk conducted by Ms Hiromori herself, in Pavilion, I realized that every ingredient in a product we use is very very important. And, I found a lot of interesting facts about HABA. 
What's interesting about HABA?
  They live by the principle to adopt the "Mutenka Shugi" which means "additive-free mindset'' along with believing to "Pursue True Beauty" by maximizing the natural healing powers of the skin.

Their five Additive-free philosophies are :
  1. No Paraben as preservetive
  2. No artificial fragrance
  3. No mineral oil
  4. No synthesized colorings
  5. No petrochemical surfactant
*My personal opinion about these facts is knowing that the ingredients matter and we should always be aware of what we use for our face. Because, Make-Up can only cover so much. The basis of a beautiful face is to look after with the right products. I speak with experience because my skin is very sensitive* 

Chieko Hiromori has been Director In-Charge of Beauty Dept. at HABA Laboratories Inc., since July 2010. Ms Hiromori's involvement in HABA's research and development has led to deeper understanding of what is best for the skin . and for that very reason, she has trained over 2000 beauty counselors in Japan as well as overseas. 

HABA's Best Sellers are the WHITE LADY and the SQUALANE (BEAUTY OIL) .The price of each product is RM258 and RM145 respectively for a 30ml bottle. It is a little pricey but HEY, it'll last you for 6 months to a year!  

Using HABA is easy . There's only THREE simple steps.(Of cuz, if you have sensitive skin , you might want to do the 'Special Care' treatment at least once a week.)
  • Cleanse- Squa Cleansing. Use this to remove make-up, cleanse and hydrate skin
  • Moisturize- G-Lotion- It's a FIVE times application process which only takes up 30secs. It's not like any other moisturiser as it is very light (almost like water)
  • Protect- Squalane (Beauty Oil). ONE drop is all you need. YES, you read it right. ONE drop of this will help the G-Lotion penetrate faster into your skin.
 *My personal opinion- I have oily skin , and Ms Hiromori said that by doing this at least twice a day will help my skin slowly recover and be hydrated the whole day leaving it soft.*


Since HABA has given me some product samples,
 I am going to do a 10-Day HABA Challenge to see if it works on my skin. And, what results will I get.
* Feeling Excited!*

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