A Gong Cha Surprise

30 May 2014

Blood is thicker than water

Here's 10 reasons why I wanna win that Gong Cha Truck!

1- I have a huge ass family. 
Being born in a Filipino family ( my mom is Filipino and my dad is Eurasian btw), I am so lucky to have so many cousins that I look forward to meet when we have family gatherings. So if I win this Gong Cha Treat Truck, It's gonna be a family gathering like no other.


 3- With all the different dishes ( Filipino and Eurasian )  that we always have, Gong Cha would fit right in and complete the 'makan' session!

4- I know I've mentioned my family is huge, but I have so many little cousins too, which without a doubt would be the most excited ones if Gong Cha made a surprise visit! *fingers crossed!*

Some of the many little cousins that I have <3
Cousins on my dad's side
5- Family gatherings aren't just for special occasions. Having regular gatherings makes the family bond stronger. We cousins usually meet up on the weekends while our parents catch up over coffee :) Now, if I win that Gong Cha truck, we could all be having Gong Cha together ! *fingers crossed!*
1 % of the cousins on my mom's side

6- I just wanna see everyone smile and have a good time!

7- Have I told you that I love Gong Cha!

8- They say blood is thicker than water. & that is absolutely true, I am so thankful to have my family who supports me in whatever I do. p/s- I am also thankful for the friends that became family :*

9- It's another reason for us to organize a get together! Awesomeness! I love my family!

10- Last but not least, I want to share what I myself experienced at the Butterfly Walk. There was a long queue for Gong Cha but it was worth the wait! Everyone's reaction towards their choice of Gong Cha was pricessless! 

So pretty please Gong Cha , Make my wish come true and let me surprise my family with a truck full of Gong Cha!

Fingers crossed, 

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  1. Aww, this post made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Great family - I hope you all get the chance to reunite with some Gong Cha too, Claudine! Goodluck!