24 January 2016

 Cream Cheek

A Tokyo brand that's slowly making it's way to the heart of Malaysian MakeUp lovers? Yes, it is none other than CANMAKE Tokyo. This is my purchase of 2016! Excited much! Shall we take a look at what I got?

I've heard a lot from some friends regarding this brand, CANMAKE Tokyo.CANMAKE celebrated its 30th birthday last year. Previously, CANMAKE was available in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. Now in Malaysia they have their very own concept store which was recently launched this month! Oh yeah!

CANMAKE TOKYO , made in Tokyo, Japan, is a brand that comes off as a cute brand because of the colors and the packaging. It keeps up to the trend which is very kawaii but you can also pull off that professional and casual makeup look with CANMAKE because it has that very natural finish with a hint of color to it. So, for those of you who do not like heavy make up but still want that ''girly, pop, and shiny" look, then this could be the brand for you!

"Since its creation by IDA Laboratories in 1985, Japanese brand CANMAKE developed a wide range of makeup products with fresh and vibrant colors that live up to its "girly, pop and shiny" slogan. Using beautifying and moisturizing agents, CANMAKE's skin and lipcare series protect and boost your skin for a smashing true nude look. Delighting fashion-conscious teenage girls and trendy executives, CANMAKE also enjoys the endorsement of professional makeup artists who value quality cosmetics."

This was my purchase from CANMAKE , the Cream Cheek in CL 02. This retails for about RM43 but I managed to get it for RM20 because of their opening sale!( ps- i regret not getting more !) This color really suits my skin tone, which is a tan skin tone. This pink is not too bright nor is it too light. And, I'm pretty sure you can layer it if you want to, but I prefer just one layer of blush because, we do no want to look like a little cupcake now do we?  It is also said to be able to last for hours and is compatible with all types of foundations, I'll update all of you on that later on as I plan to use it today! (Scroll down to see how it looks on me!)

What I like about this cream cheek is that the product has a creamy consistency. However, once upon application, the product does not stay creamy. It actually has a powdery finish which it good because it does not leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky. I guess that's one of the reason I always go for a powder blush because I do not like the after effect of cream blushers. But, I must say , this is an exception! & I can get used to this! Also, there is no chemical scent which is good. Yay CANMAKE!

CANMAKE Cream Cheeck comes in many different shades to suit your skin tone. If you are a little tan just like myself, that I would suggest a little darker shade, if not it will not be visible on your cheeks. CANMAKE also carries a wide range of products such as BB Creams, Lip Products,  Finishing Powders, Blushers; just to name a few. 

CANMAKE Tokyo, which was only available in SASA and AEON Wellness stores, has just launched their own concept store in DA:MEN USJ. I'm pretty impressed with DA:MEN USJ because it seems to be carrying all the brands that I really like! What are you waiting for, go get your CANMAKE now!

Da:Men USJ
Ground floor,
Jalan USJ Sentral 1,
Persiaran Subang 1, 
47600 Subang Jaya

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Til my next CANMAKE purchase, 

P/s- Here's what it looks like

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