Artist Acrylip

Inspired by the rich, intense acrylic paints used by artists, 
this bold pigmented lip formula covers lips with intense liquid colour. 
Fine and non-sticky, it dresses lips with weightless soft-gloss color.

PINK IS THE NEW RED! Don't get me wrong, red lippies are my go-to lip colour for any occasion. But this fuchsia is my current obsession. This Limited Edition  Make Up For Ever Liquid Stain is just one of the pretty lip colours I own. The formula is inspired by acrylic paints for an intense liquid colour on lips. It comes in a black tube packaging with a fuchsia coloured cap. There is only one size available for this product which is 7 ml. The colour that I have is #922 in Electric Fuchsia. This colour suits most skin tones and will add a little extra touch to your make up look be it a simple of full face make up. The intensity of the colour as well as how pigmented it is makes it even prettier when you apply it. 

They also have two more lip colours in their limited edition passion pink collection which I did not buy. I swatched all three colours and loved Electric Fuchsia the most. Exalted Rosewood was more like a sheer lipstick which was not as intense as Electric Fuschia. Flushed Cherry however, was more matte than Electric Fuschia and it was more of a pinkish nude tone that was very pretty. 

Swatches From Left: Electric Fuchsia, Exalted Rosewood & Flushed Cherry.
#920 Flushed Cherry

#921 Exalted Rosewood

As you can see in the pictures below, the intensity of the colour can be seen in the picture too. 

֍ What I think about this product֍ 

This is by far one of my most favourite lippies of my whole collection! Before we get into what I like and dislike about this product, let's talk a little bit about the packaging. This Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip Lip Stain comes in a very clean and sleek packaging in a tube form. I like that they matched the colour of the lip stain with the cap of the lip stain. The applicator is a flat Doe-Foot Wand applicator which makes it easier to apply compared to the normal brush with bristles. Two thumbs up for that! However, there are a few things that I would have preferred about this packaging. Firstly , because it comes in a tube packaging, when you open it and use it many time like myself, it tends to get a little messy around the over and the applicator itself as you can see in the pictures below. Although the opening of the tube is small and you're able to glide some of the excess product off the applicator, I still find it a little messy. 
The other thing that I would have preferred was if the product was more than 7ml. Of course we can't expect lip products to be a whole litre, but oh well looks like I'll be keeping it for days that are really important. In terms of the scent I think that it has a very pleasant smell. No chemical smell which is good. It has a sweet bubblegum smell which I really like. In terms of the colour and the texture , it is a very soft and smooth. It is not matte so after application, your lips will look moist, glossy, plumpy and definitely  kissable! I'm also really impressed that it is long lasting. I applied it and had ice-cream but there was still colour on my lips.  Maybe not as intense as the first application, but still acceptable. Overall, besides the messy part about this  Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip, I would definitely give it a thumbs up as one of my favourite lippie.
For more information on how to get your hands on this product , 
head on over to Make Up For Ever in Star Hill Gallery ! 
or their website at

See you in my next post!


  1. Though I'm not good in makeup, but lipgloss is a must have thing for me. Really need to check this out as you do look sweet and lovely when applied at your lips <3

  2. I love pink lipstick but after putting it on for a few times, I feel it doesn;t suit me so well. Looks good on you though!

  3. Oh, nice colour and it fits u gorgeously too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. hmm... maybe i should try this product. bought a lipstick last week, but was not satisfied with the effect, this one looks pinky enough :D

  5. Makeup forever products are little bit pricy for me!>< anyway! The lipstain looks good on you with your overall makeup! :D

  6. I don't really wear make-up. But the lipgloss looks really good on you. Feel like getting one too ^_^

  7. Love those pink hues... they look nice on you that's a given!!!!

  8. The hues look just gorgeous on you. Now you have more choices of lippies to choose from.

  9. I've been wanting to check out Make Up Forever products! Thanks for sharing it :))

  10. Haven't heard of this brand but the Exalted Rosewood is really a nice colour!

  11. you do look good! love the vibrant colour

  12. The color of the gloss looks so pretty on you! The color is vibrant and glossy enough =D

  13. oh nice the electric fuschia colour is really BRIGHT and a standout for sure, i like it so pretty

  14. The colour was so bright ! Gonna try this one day :)

  15. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  16. very vibrant pink and it suits you very well babe! not everyone can pull it off

  17. Love that pink! So striking! I can never pull that off! Kudos to u!

  18. I like pink so much! And your pink lip colour so nice! I wanna get one myself too :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing


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