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A couple of weeks ago, IJM Land was so kind to organize a Coffee Day for the community at their ICE Gallery at their Pantai Sentral Park. Since Christmas is just around the corner, this was a good activity with the family especially those who love coffee, like myself! The highlight other than the beautiful show units that was readily available for viewing is the coffee workshop by Daniel Liew, the founder of the Barista Guild of Asia!

"IJM Land's Good Coffee Day 2.0 brings together aficionados and artists alike in celebration of a brilliant brew"
After that workshop, I had a whole different outlook of what a good cup of coffee is! Gone are the days where we stop in grocery stores to smell coffee from the valve on packets. Did you know that by doing that, the smell and the quality of the coffee drops! Daniel Liew, Founder of the Barista Guild of Asia took us through the whole process , what affects the quality of coffee beans, useful tips and the basics of brewing that perfect cup of coffee. We even got to taste two different kinds of coffee - Honduras and Columbia coffee. His knowledge of coffee and jokes in between made this workshop all the more interesting! Everyone was at the edge of their seats asking away their curiosity. 

If that wasn't enough to make Coffee Day 2.0 an experience the public would not forget, there were also a ray of coffee-centric activities to keep everyone in the spirit. There was something for all, I would say. From Pottery lessons to Freshly brewed coffee to Caricature Coffee Painting, you bet that we were all excited. Take a look at some of the booths that were part of Coffee Day 2.0

Activities for all..
There were  quite a number of booths that day. We made a pit stop at some of those booths! Take a look!

We started out booth hopping with some freshly made waffles from Grid & Go and some delicious Chocolate Lava Tart from Harold's Academy ! 

Using only finest ingredients and fresh milk with no water, their cupcakes are still so soft and delicious
This was the one of the best chocolate lava tart I've tasted so far! I had three that day. If you want to learn how to bake then check out Harold's Academy!

Eva's Homemade Soft Nougat was one of my favorite booths of the day. I am not one who loves nougat but this one was really good. The sweetness and the flours of the nougats was just right! It's not too late to get your Christmas box at only RM15. Head on over to Eva Nougat Malaysia

Delivering freshly made coffee to go right to your doorstop is their unique selling point. Check out their flavours at Coffee2Go Malaysia

Founder of Coffee2Go
Besides booths to snack on food and drinks, there were also a few lifestyle booths. One of it was Fawn that made Handmade Coffee Body Scrub! They also make soap bars for soft and delicate skin. Fawn Beauty Co. believes in the power of artisanal beauty products of which their uniqueness comes from minimal formulation that is made.using organic, vegan, all-natural and raw elements.

This was my favorite as well! It is not everyday that you learn the art of pottery! It was not as easy as I thought it would be though! This is a good activity to do on the weekends with family and friends or to just let your creativity run wild! LOL! Take a look at mine! One special thing about this pottery is that you'll never have two of the same one! It may be similar but never the same! Check out Kaleidos Art Tune for more information.
Giving Pottery a try! Picture Credits : Charmaine Pua

This was the last booth that I stopped by and this was my first caricature! Vivian did such a good job with my portrait!
Vivian Lee's Caricature Coffee Painting
What was special about Coffee Day 2.0 was the show units of the upcoming Secoya Residences which was recently launched. Secoya Residences is 41 stories. It is among the seven residential phases in the 58-acre integrated city development of Pantai Sentral Park.The residential phases along with six commercial phases is expected to be completed within 10 to 15 years times. Looking at the timeline, 10 years is not that are off. It is said to encompass the best of living business and entertainment township set against the back drop of 200- acre forest in Bukit Kerinchi.

 Both units had a different layout and design. Type C is definitely my favorite. Its spacious with a big kitchen and a couple of rooms. It had a more homely feel to it especially with the designs on the wall

The second unit, Type A however, was slightly smaller and has a clean, white design. That unit was more modern which I think something the new generation would prefer. 

Take a look at the first unit, Type C we saw would be something that families would love!

Type C is  4 + 1 bedroom, 1,670 square feet Secoya Type C unit. The interior design here is a seamless union of vintage feel with a modern treatment of textures and expressions. As the sense of nostalgia is especially strong for those in their early 40's onwards, this ‘Modern-Retro’ theme is based on their need to “connect” with their fond memories of the past. Aimed at prospective home owners in their fifties with grown children who have spread their wings as young adults in college and high school, this interior design concept will fulfil their unique wants and needs by offering a more cosy, compact living space that is not only easier to maintain but exceptionally stylish too.

Picture Credits : Shivani Balraj
Picture Credits : Shivani Balraj
Picture Credits : Shivani Balraj

The 2 bedroom, 1050 square feet Secoya Type A (below) has a ‘Young and Energetic’ concept, aimed at  upwardly mobile professionals that are within the age group of 27 – 35 years old who are young and energetic with a passion for life and everything it has to offer. This design concept incorporates many of the lifestyle elements that are important to this target group, such as sports and exercise, fun loving and enthusiasm, and harmonious simplicity with spaciousness.


 Picture Credits : Shivani Balraj

Picture Credits : Shivani Balraj

Picture Credits : Shivani Balraj
Picture Credits : Shivani Balraj
All in all , it was a really fun weekend ! Thank you again IJM Land and Pantai Sentral Park for having all of us! 
Til' our next Coffee Day! 


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