Biji-Biji X Nakakoma Orimono Mini Fest

11 October 2017

 Collection Launch & Mini Fest

To commemorate the 60th diplomatic anniversary between Malaysia and Japan, Biji- Biji has collaborated with Nakakoma Orimono, a Japanese Kimono company by coming up with products that incorporates Biji-biji's signature seat belt and Japanese traditional kimono.
About Biji-Biji 
The Biji-biji Initiative is a social enterprise that aims to share progressive ideas with everyone. We champion sustainable living, reuse waste creatively and we love collaborative production. By using discarded materials, basic electronics and passive building techniques we aim to inspire our surrounding with fresh and fun approaches to sustainable living.

This event will showcase the Japanese kimonos which is mainly used for marriages and official cerominies, alongside its craftsmanship.This beautiful material is combined with Biji-biji's signature seat belt and felt up-cycled materials to design a collection of clothes and bags.
AboutNakakoma Orimono
 Nakakoma Orimono’s name originates with its founder, Komami Nakajima. The “Naka” portion was taken from the last name of Nakajima, with the “Koma” portion taken from the first name of “Komami.”  Thus was born Nakakoma Orimono. Founding mission : Adorning the body, Adorning the seasons, Adorning space, and adorning the heart.
This collaboration is a fresh take in terms of cross-cultural  efforts to combine Japanese and Malaysian traditional wear. It also highlights the advancement and innovations currently taking place in the Malaysian ethical fashion scene.

The event will be held at Me.reka(BIJIBIJI) at Publika Shopping Gallery.  This mini fest which is from the 13th -15th October will consist of cultural activities and workshops fit for everyone. The line will also be launched on the first day of the event! Not only will they be displaying their signature seat belt bag, but also dress designed using  Japanese Yukata Kimono and Malaysian Batik. To add on to this celebration, Ms Nakajima of Nakakoma-orimono donated 200 kg Kimono to Biji-biji for this event. How wonderful is that!

So, if you do not have any plans this weekend, make plans for this! It is gonna be something new especially in terms of fashion and lifestyle incorporating innovative ideas.

To register for the event, click here
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  1. That is so innovative! I like the unique looking pouch.

  2. Wah, lovely! I like these! The pouch is so adorable :)

  3. I love those designs... love Japanese and korean... lol.... sucker for it actually... love that yukata...

  4. That last kimono has Sarawak's motives (looks like it) on it and am super loving it too.

  5. Oh, don't I wish that I can attend this event. Love Japanese cultures. Too bad I have assignments in Ipoh and won't be able to make it. :(