A Eulogy for our dearest Daddy

24 February 2018

06 January 1953- too soon

I've decided to post this Eulogy for our dearest daddy, Alloy Goffery Richards on the blog so that in the years to come, we (and everyone) will always remember this eulogy for our dearest Daddy.Year 2017 was the toughest year. I had to face my biggest fear which was losing a parent - my dad. We still miss him, every minute of everyday. I don't think we'll ever be able to fill the void we have in our hearts. But, we will carry his strength and memories with us to help us get through those difficult days when we long to have him for just one more day. How much he loved us and how he cared for us will give us some comfort knowing that he is still watching over us today, as our guardian angel. 💜

 The Eulogy was done by my brother, Tristen and this is what it read... 

"When your head is confused, Listen to your heart" Those were the words dad used to tell us when we were younger. Dad even wrote it on the wall just in case we forget.

When Daddy was younger, being in the Richards household, his dad (our grandpa), was very strict. But that didn't stop him from being mischievous. He managed to bully his younger siblings. But he was always there for them too. Being a mama's boy, he always got what he wanted. Even if it means asking for a goat for his birthday. Yes, dad got a pet goat!🐐

Growing up, dad was always a kind, loving, caring and humble person. He always had a smile on his face no matter what the situation was. Dad, he always loved to help those that needed. He would give what he had and would never ask for anything in return ( maybe just a cold beer) but no matter what he will always be there helping in the best way possible.

Dad and mom have always been inseparable ever since they met at the Kota Raya bus stand. There were like Bonnie and Clyde. Everything they did, everywhere they went, dad was right there with mom. Dad, he always had his way to make sure mom was always taken care of and never failed to make her happy. You could say that they enjoyed each others jokes. Even when dad was out or vice versa, they would check on each other every 10 minutes. And, eight years later there were five of us. Dad did everything for us. He gave us everything he had and more. Even when he had so little, he did his best. We would celebrate every occasion together. We'd go too Station one in Bukit Tinggi for Valentines day, Mother's day, Father's day and the list continues. He showed us the meaning of family and love. He showed us what being a dad was all about. His daily messages to Claudine if she reached her office, If Garreth had enough for college and late night guitar sessions with me. He had the honour of being called DAD by not just the three of us but by his nieces and nephews too. He was very proud of that.
As we all know Dad was a family man. He loved everyone and was loved by everyone too. From driving to PJ to his favourite Uncle's house, occasional breakfast with his siblings after mass, his weekend breakfast in PJ, dinner in Sentul, his BARBERSHOP session with his kakis - yes, barbershop = beer. Kepo Kopitiam with his old timers, taking the family for BKT and Heng Ki and buying chicken and nasi lemak for the family. The lists goes on. One thing for sure was he enjoyed doing all of it.
Bottom line is , we all have fond memories of dad that we will carry in our heats. The love we felt and the stories he shared, the kind of man that he was, that will live on in our hearts forever. The last few month have been tough. Our last and best holiday was when we went to Penang in May and shortly after we had another short getaway in October. Looking back at it now, Dad probably knew he wasn't well. 
This was taken in May-Penang
This was taken in October 2016- Por Dickson.
While we relaxed on the balcony, he played three songs,
  • Rainbow's End by Daniel O'Donnell
  • Distant Drums by Jim Reeves
  • Family by Dolly Parton
It all makes sense now. These three songs meant:

1- he will be here / talk as if he is here
2- his time is coming
3- we will always be a family.

Dad, even at your weakest you were strong. Even when you could let go, you held on. Even when we looked after you, you somehow looked after us too. And, today, even when we've lost you physically, we've gained an angel to watch over us, forever. We love you Dad, Til then, go have a cold beer.
Thank you everyone who's been here for us throughout these few months. Thank you for the prayers and support. Thank you for looking after us while we looked after Dad.But mostly , thank you for showing us what family is all about. we appreciate it from the bottom of our heats.

Thank you and God Bless
The last and our best Christmas together- 2016-
We love you dad!
Mom, Dine, Garr, Tris and Bailey


  1. Personally, I am very pleased to read what you began to take care of your parents because they are the main thing that we and our children have.

  2. It is wonderful that you have devoted so many pleasant words to your father. I feel very happy in my heart when I understand that your father is a really good person.