Will I be able to follow through for 365 days?

9 January 2019


Happy New Year everyone! It' 2019!
Welcome back to the blog!

I hope everyone had a good start to the year so far. Would you believe that it’s been six years since I started my blog?! How time flies! I know, I know.. I do not blog as much as I did before (I’m sorry, I’ll try to post more than I did last year) but, blogging is still something that’s close to my heart. It was my very first project and you could say that it was my baby. I would like to thank all those who have been on this journey with for all the support and love but most importantly, THANK YOU for taking the time to read my posts!

I hope everyone managed to strike off a few things off their 2018 new year’s resolution and some of your bucket list entries. It’s okay if you are carrying a few of it forward to this year, just make sure that you give it your best shot this year.

I’ve learned a lot form 2018. 2017 was by far the worst year for me and 2018 was definitely a roller-coaster too I would say. There were some highs and definitely a lot of lows. But I’m thankful that I made it another year healthy and happy with the ones that I love.
Here’s a recap of how my 2018 was:

1. February 2018 was a year since my dad became an Angel

2. My youngest brother graduated. Dad would be proud for sure!

3. I moved into my first home.

4. Gained a few more angels to watch over us L

5. Travelled to Jaipur in October and Melbourne in September <3

6. Travelled to Cameron Highlands, Kuantan, Taiping, 
Seremban for weddings. A year full of road trips

7. Six very close friends got married! Yes, It was the season of weddings!

8. My God daugther turned 1! How time flies! Baby girl is 
now running up and down!

9. Mom was admitted twice into hospital! She’s much better now, Thank God!

10. Of course my year wouldn’t have been as good without my cousins, friends 
and family- the outings, gatherings, makan-makan and just knowing that I could 
fall back on them to lift me up.

On top of all these, my 2018 was a year that I will remember as well as I have learned new experiences, gained new friends and stepped a little bit outside of my comfort zone.2019 is going to be an adventure. I can feel it in my bones (LOL). This year, I pray that it will be a good one for all of us- For us to be better at what we do, build better relationships with people around us and to constantly Thank God and be grateful for all that we receive.

To begin the year, I had planned out a few things which I hope I am able to see through until the end of the year. It’s still early if you would like to join me. Or if you have started anything, please do share it with me as I would love to know. (It’s currently Day 8 while writing this).I have decided to call this project #LittleProject365. I have seen a quite a number of projects like these and thought to give it a try. It is usually easier to start something compared to finishing it. So, I am pretty determined to come back to where I started to see how my year was.

Here’s what I’ve planned out:

A Story for Every Day

This was what really inspired me to start this project. I came across projects like these where people take pictures or selfies of themselves every day for a year. And at the end you really see the difference. I thought I would do the same but on the highlights of my day or how my day went. This is so that I can look back and see my year was as a whole. If you would like to see my stories which I included in my highlights, then head on over to my Instagram page here. http://www.instragram.com/claudineimelda 

Daily Planner / Journal

This is the third year of using a planner other than my phone calendar to note down meetings and events or even gatherings with friends. I think this is good so that you do not miss events or overlap events on top of each other. This journal that I have here is just a single line hard cover book which I bought from my Perth Trip in 2016. For the past two years, I have used journals with ready-made entries and all you need to do is just fill in how your day was or your goals, etc. But with a blank book, you can add anything you want. Doodle as much and even create pages for your entries. Hence, this is why I decided to go with this one right here. If you have a particular one that you are currently using, share it with me as I would love to see- Maybe we could exchange ideas too?

Mood Tracker

This mood tracker is something that I am on the fence with. I am still deciding if I want to do a mood tracker to see how many happy or miserable days I had (LOL) or rather a word to describe my day. So far I am doing both. Just to try it for a week to see which suits me better. I may just keep both or may drop one. What do you think? I will let you know in an updated post!

So for now, I have a story a day, a journal and a Mood Tracker/ A word to describe my day- I always believe that It is never too late to star to over. Although sometimes, it’s harder to practice what you preach, but that’s why there’s a new day every day for us to do so and try. Harley Davidson once said, when writing the story of your life, do not let anyone else hold the pen”

I hope 2019 will be kind to you and it will open up doors of opportunity for all things good and for all that you wish and hope for come true this year. I pray for good health, happiness and love for all of you reading this post.
Til we meet in my next post!

Share with me how your New Year is so far and If you have started anything like this.


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