REVIEW: Vii Nutrition Sakura Collagen +

31 August 2021

 As we grow older, collagen is a supplement that we can consume to maintain our skin's elasticity, help with our bones and also our overall health condition. However, most collagens focus on skin and beauty. This one that I am drinking here tastes so good!

I was lucky to be given the opportunity to experience Vii Nutritions Sakura Collagen+ (SC+), a beauty collagen drink that is specially formulated to prevent the formation of wrinkles, inhibit melanin production, increase skin collagen content, and lock in moisture. SC+ combines exclusive patented ingredients and natural extracts which are sakura extract (prunus lannesiana wils), verisol collagen peptides, tetrasod microalgae, Japanese yuzu seeds, and also roselle extract

This Sakura Collagen promotes timeless youth as you consume this over time. It is also formulated with antioxidant TetraSOD (tetraselmis chuii) from Spain acts as protection from free radical damages on the skin. The ingredients are good and most importantly it is also HALAL.

In terms of the taste and fragrance of this product, I would say that it has a very sweet roselle fragrance that makes it very easy to consume. Because it uses roselle extract, you get the natural flavours of it. Of course, you would get the smell of the collagen too! But with the sweet roselle extract, I think it tastes good- considering that I am very particular with the kind of taste I like.

Final Thoughts

I never actually thought of taking any kind of collagen before because, to be honest, the one I tried before, the after effects of it caused me to have weird body odor. However, I have not noticed anything from this one- most likely because I have been drinking lots of water! In terms of the results, the SC+ Vii Nutrition Collagen drink claims that within 14 days of product consumption, you will be able to see some changes. It is currently my 9th day and so far, I would say that the results have been slightly visible in terms of how glowy my skin is from within. I will update you after I am done with this.

I have a before and after picture below. The top pic was on the 2nd day ( cuz I forgot to take a picture ) & the bottom is on the 7th day ( 1 week of consumption ). I do see some difference and I can't wait to see how it looks when I have completed all 14 days! 

Looking after our body and what we consume is important. Although this is a beauty collagen to consume, I believe that we should also ensure we look after our food intake, skincare, and also our overall wellbeing - sleeping early, etc. Basically, a well balanced lifestyle. All this can contribute in ensuring that you achieve that younger looking skin as we age. Plus, with a good collagen intake, you've got all the right supplements you need for your body!

I hope this post was informative. Just a little note that all the above is my honest and personal opinion after trying this product for about a week plus. If you would like further information, you may contact Vii Nutrition or seek medical advice if this is going to be suitable for you or if there are any side effects that are not normal. 

If you wanna find out more you can always head over to their website

Til my next post! 

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