Have yourself a Happy HoliGlaze !

China Glaze

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I bet it is yours too! From gatherings to cookies making to shopping ! If you have not started shopping, then be sure to read till the end, cuz for every beautiful outfit, there's a perfect nail color for you!

With this festive season in tow, there is a notable change in fashion with many glitters and, bold colors coming out to show the warmth and happiness that is Christmas. China Glaze also has jumped in on the Christmas bandwagon, by having its own collection of fun, with 12 Christmas-y colors called Happy Holiglaze.

The Happy Holiglaze color range is all about being bright, merry, fun, and vibrant. Think of Christmas parties, in your glitter outfits and holding champagne in your hand surrounded by the warmth of laughter from your friends and family. This is what China Glaze Happy Holiglaze colors are all about: