ONE **** STAND????

10 September 2013

Our First One Mic Stand :'D

I've never gone for a live stand up comedy show. & I've always wanted to! & I thought that watching Kumar (the Drag Queen) would be my first. Or the Comedy Court (Alan & Indi)

BUTTTTT this was just as good. We (Rosie , Gary & Tristen)  decided to go for ONE MIC STAND episode 64 featuring Sharul Channa :) I've never heard of her, but boy, she was good! :D

So , the show was at PJ LIVE ARTS Cabaret. & tix were RM15 ( I should have booked with my student card though.. erghh.. its time will do that :P ) Paying RM15 was worth every penny. Most people say that if it's cheap then prolly it's not so good. DON'T Judge a show by it's price people! It was soooo GOOOODDDD okayyyy!!!

Here's the line up of that day and my personal ratings of the hosts & the line up :

The Resident Hosts : Kavin Jay & Rizal van Geyzel 
These two are just funny laa.. Esp Rizal! hahahahahahah....Some people are just born with the talent to humor everyone around them. Unfortunately , some of them don't get STAND UP COMEDY.( like that AUNTY and UNCLE laa. OMGoshh.. I think that AUNTY just *tak sedar diri* that she's old la. that's why she terase when Rizal called her AUNTY. WELL AUNTY, you're old, act ur age la. you expected him to call you what? BABE? HOT STUFF? MILF?(oh wait someone did call you that kan!) hahahhahah.. IT"S A JOKE LAAAA... & you sat right in front, hahahhhhahaha.. that's why i NEVER sit in front! *Reminiscing Uni Days*


  1. Haikal Idris
  2. David Chen Chuck Wye
  3. Nana Kwesi
  4. Peter Sidell
  5. Gajen Nad
  6. Keren Bala
  7. Aaron Aw Teik Hong
  8. Dash Steam
I think male comedians make it seem easier and they are naturally funny . But I did not understand some of them. I did not get some of their jokes. hahhahaha but maybe i was blur.. or maybe they were not as funny hahaha.. But all of them had their own style which was cool!

The only two female comedians were Shamaine Othman & Sharul Channa. They're good. I prefered Sharul compared to Shamaine though

It's not easy standing up on stage and tryna get the crowd to laugh at youre jokes. Especially if it's too complicated and blerghh.. hahah but overall it was a GOOODDDD show!

I'll definitely pay for second round! 

Anyways, the above ratings and feedback is just my personal opinion. Don't be offended by anything written kay!

To make a booking, please log on to  They've got weekly shows so don't forget to book! 

For any inquiries or to book a performance spot email
They've got promotions and concessions too! :
1. RM10 with LIVE Card
2. RM10 with valid student Card

One Mic Stand is located at :
PJ Live Arts (Theatre and Cabaret),
Level 1, Block K, Jaya One,
Section 13, No.72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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