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7 February 2014


 Hey Girls!

I hope it's not too late to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! How time flies. It feels like only yesterday it was Christmas. I'm sorry I've been missing since after Christmas. I only had a week of leave and then when the new year started , we've been preparing for the auditors to come, lotsa changes , extra workload.And I told myself, a month of blogging break is the most I'll give myself. So here I am, back on track :)

Anyhoos, let's not talk about work. I've been wanting to share with you a new make up line that has been released here in Malaysia. This product is not foreign in London. It's been selling so well in that market although it only started about two years ago.

This product that I'm raving about is MYJ Beauty. MYJ Beauty is founded by Jameson Juwily. Did you know that Jameson is actually Malaysian and from Sabah! And to make his mark in London is something we should be so proud of!

About a month or so ago, I had attended his product release to the media and also to his close friends. and I was privileged to be a part of it. I was representing MMAO and it was an honor being there. I got to speak with him and to see how humble he is in realizing his dreams is something that all of us can learn from. That no matter how big our dreams are, nothing is impossible.He adds that he started from scratch when it moved to London. But he always knew what he wanted to do and the rest is just history. 

Now, I'm sure you've been waiting to see what this line of make up has to offer! MYJ Beauty Lipsticks and Lip Gloss Line consists of eight different shades each.
Take a look at these pictures below

 (Above) The lipstick names were inspired by the streets in London & (Below) The lip gloss names were inspired by the bridges in London! How cool is that! 

Want to see what I got???

Tada!!! I have my very own Chelsea Bridge Lip Gloss and an Oxford Street Lipstick! How cool is that! 
 I swatched it on my hand. Looks good don't you think?
 What I personally think of MYJ Beauty is that the lipstick color is pigmented which is good cuz' I do not have to put on a thick layer for the color to pop. As for the gloss, I absolutely love it. Light Pink and a pretty color. Not too bright Not too dark. Oh I love it! If you're thinking of purchasing it, you can go to MYJ Beauty's website which I will link below. He does not have a physical store here in Malaysia, so the goods will be shipped directly from London! Each lipsticks and lip gloss only costs £14.99 ! After conversion it'll be about RM81, about the average lipstick price in the market. I believe , investing in a good lipstick or lip gloss even if it's a little pricy is worth it if it suits you :)  

And for the rest of the night, Let the pictures do the talking now shall we?

Jameson sharing with us the story behind MYJ Beauty : makeupbyjames
"Women do not have to pay a lot of money to look good and have a high quality product" 
MYJ Founder, Jameson Juwily. His products are not only affordable but is of high quality!

It was also Jameson's Birthday! His close friends surprised him with a birthday cake!

Below: James and the work of his hands <3
Last but not least, A group picture with Jameson before we called it a night! A great night indeed!
Congrats also to MYJ for being featured In Vogue Magazine -February 2014 Issue
Photo: MYJ Beauty London - Vogue February 2014 & Pretty Woman...

We are featured as Vogue who said a fantastic new brand and appeal to their readers. 

Thank you Vogue.
Click MJY Beauty for more information of the products! Also, follow the man behind MYJ, Mr Jameson himself on instagram now for more updates!



  1. These products look lovely! I especially loved the packaging for the lipsticks and lipglosses, reminds me a little of Chanel :) GIG

  2. oh these product ranges looks good but i have never heard of this brand .... wish they start selling it globally ...

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  3. I haven't heard about MYJ yet, but it looks like they have a great products to try :)

  4. Great shades of reds you have there! I love how the undertone of the red lipstick you swatched complements your skin tone as well :D

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  6. super cool products - love all the different shades of red- great post - gig love

  7. Those lipsticks are pretty! I love the packaging and I love the Chelsea! <3 #giglove

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  9. The products seems all great. Would love to see the entire collection. Nice post.

    GIG Love

  10. I love trying new brands, especially local ones, it's so fun to fall in love with a whole new set of goodies! <3 Glad you had fun. #GIGLove

  11. What a lovely event! And so cute that it was also his bday!
    The lipstick shades are beautiful :)

  12. where can we buy this hun?? lets go shopping for these babies! and we can get lost in sephora too!

  13. Those lipstick shades look good! I agree that women do not need to spend much to be pretty!

  14. This brand sounds interesting. It's cute to try new ones.

  15. The lipstick shades are so beautiful! By the way, where can we get this? :o

  16. omg those swatches look amazing! First time I heard of MYJ but totally checking the lines out. Thanks for sharing. xx Donah giglove

  17. The packaging looks good.. Simple yet classy.. Also I love the names! :D Love the color of the gloss you got :)

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  20. everything looks lovely, I really like the colour of the lipstick! :) great introduction to a new brand that I hadn't heard of before. giglove

  21. wow i love the color and the packaging....I think the price is a lil high and I thinkwill only purchase if I tried them on my lips to avoid wasting it if it does not suit me...

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