A dash of Pink

9 February 2014

Every girl needs a little pink <3

The weekend is almost over. *Sigh* Did you have a great one? My weekend was just wonderful! It was a weekend with the family! After a long time, finally , a wedding! My cousin is now married! Congratulations Manang Estral and Manong Eddie! * Welcome to the family Manong Eddie* They prolly won't read this but yeah! I'm really happy for them <3


Going back to work after an awesome weekend is usually the hardest kan? Like you just wished the weekend never ended. Here's something you can start the day with. A.LIPSTICK. I just wanna share a new lipstick that I purchased a couple of days ago. I've always wanted to buy a pink / fuchsia lipstick but didn't know if it would suit me. Guess what? It actually did! This color actually suits all skin tones :) 

Here's what I bought.
The color of this is called  
FUCHSIA FLASH by Smashbox which costs about RM69

I don't have anything that I can compare with right now but let me tell you that the texture is so soft. When you put it on it feels like you don't have any lisptick on. This is one reason why I prefer matte lipsticks compared to cream ones. Cream lipstick tends to appear as if you have two or three layers on your lips. Although , the shine does make it seem fuller, I somehow feel like i have cake on my lips. LOL. but that's me I guess. This one is just right. Only two layers and that does it. I'm planning to get a couple more Fuchsia Lipsticks, from NYX or Mac to compare. Do you girls have any favourites? Any Fuchsia Lipstick that you just can leave without? *Tell Me* I wanna know :)

In terms of the color, I think that it is a very pretty color. Something that you can use to work, on a date with that special someone or with your girl friends. It's perfect for day time or even at night! Unlike red or dark shade lipsticks, they only work well for a major event/ occasion or at night. Can you imagine going to work office with red lipstick? Where I work , they'll prolly get a heart attack , My green streak was all I needed lol! Yeah..I don't think so :)

If you're not one who usually puts on colored lipstick, here's three reasons why you should give it a try!

1- Colored lipstick makes you look younger
2- It instantly brightens your teeth and your smile too! 
3- It gives your face a glow when you have minimal make up on! 
3- It definitely makes you feel happy on the inside! 
* Trust me , it really helps especially when you're not having a good day!*
So, tomorrow, add a little color to your lips, and keep smiling :) It'll definitely make a difference :)
 Till then! 

In the mean time, If you have a Fuchsia Lipstick that you love, please share it with me, so that I can take a look!



  1. You have to try MAC Girl About Town. Its a must have for summer and I think it suits every skin tone

  2. Oh dear! You're making me want this lippy! It's so gorgeous, and it suits you amazingly well!