Samsung Galaxy Life : Starlight Cinema

16 June 2014

A Night Under the Stars.

Listen up Samsung Users! If you haven't downloaded the Samsung Galaxy Life App then you're missing out on a whole lot of exciting promos and discounts! Take a look at what's happening this time around!

Samsung Galaxy Life presents a night under the stars with STARLIGHT CINEMA this 13th to the 21st of June 2014 at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club !!

I was so excited to redeem my FREE tickets and to get on with the show and rest of the redemption! I've always heard of an outdoor cinema but never actually gone for one. So, when Samsung's Galaxy Life was offering FREE tickets for catch a movie with Starlight Cinema, and experience it all under the stars I knew it is one I couldn't and definitely wouldn't wanna miss! It's so simple , that all you have to do is download the app ! Click here  

These are the movie times from the 13th til the 21st of June

 Oh Oh But if you wanna catch the Double Blockbuster Special you better be there early! I have a feeling it's gonna be an epic weekend!
And look at how it is gonna end! 
Can you say NO to this?

I actually felt a little outta place because honestly, I did not bring any blanket, mat , a beanbag or a cushion but I managed. But It was a good day actually, Friday the 13th , full moon, clear sky, no rain.It was hot either :D Can you guess which movie I went for?

 I met quite a few awesome bloggers when I was here. Meet Rawlins and Jae :) They came well prepared with mats and cushions. We had a good catch up session while waiting for the rest to arrive and to watch The Conjuring!

On top of watching a movie under the stars on a field where you can roll around , Samsung Galaxy Life also allows you to redeem FREE food from the stalls that's been set up!* Sorry guys, but NO OUTSIDE FOOD and DRINKS are allowed* But why do you need outside food and drinks when there's so many awesome vendors to choose from! Here are a couple of vendors that I redeem my food and drinks from:

Above : This Banana Pecan cupcake is one of the best cupcakes I've tasted. So moist.& next to it are chocolate cakes in a jar!  
Below: They've also got vendors like Pizza Hut, Gong Cha, Sub18 Gelato, Carzy Patato Fries and Kaw Kaw Burger.

 Look at Rawlins and Jae enjoying their Pizza :)

 They've also got vendors selling various stuff if you'd like to splurge your cash on!

So most of us stayed to watched The Conjuring that night.Watching it in a big open field filled with people isn't as scary as it would be if you're watching it alone at home or in a cinema! And thank god for good company, it helped when it was too scary .But Because I did not come well prepared, I roughed it out on the grass and it wasn't bad at all. * Thank God for the weather*

Everyone was practically enjoying themselves and lazying on their mats :)

& that was it! Paranaromal Activity and The Conjuring, What a way to end Friday the 13th! 
People walking back after two awesome movies. Notice their mats and their blankie? :P
All in all it was a night to remember! An experience that I wanna relive over & over again, with friends and family.  Thank You Samsung Galaxy Life for making my Samsung Note 3 extra special!

Go download your Samsung Galaxy Life app now and I'll be seeing you there one of these days ! 


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