Duriana : Market in the Skies

24 June 2014

Want to sell new and preloved items but do not know where to do so? 
Well,  I've got the right platform for you!

 Introduced and lauched late last year, Duriana, is a new app in the social media platform that connects buyers and sellers in one marketplace. 

"You wanna buy, I wanna sell" What do you do next? Download the app and upload your stuff. With a number of categories to choose from, It makes it easier for both parties to upload pictures or search for what they want. What differentiates this app to the other selling apps out there? Let me tell you, if you're selling your stuff, Besides uploading stuff that you wanna sell, you get to share your items on other social media platforms and you get to interact with your buyers. And if you're on the other end of it, itching to splurge , then Duriana helps you connect with over 400,000 listings under its name. Users are able to mingle and once both come to an agreement, the next thing is to meet up, pay and collect them goods! It's as simple as that.

Take a look at a couple of popular categories

So , here's an example, once you've chosen your category of interest, * I chose HER FASHION*, all items that are on sale will pop up. You can browse through each of item and make an offer if you would like to purchase any.

But you have to be quick because if items are of interest to many, then someone might purchase it before you can. Like this for example, You'll see that ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD.

Here's a closer look on how it works

This is my personal profile. This makes it easier for you to see what items you've liked, your wishlists, and also offers made and received. How cool is that! Now you don't have to lose track of your favorite items that you're fingers are itching to type 'I want this' Lol!

What I love about Duriana is that fact that it's user friendly and not complicated at all. All you need to do snap a picture of what you want to sell with your smart phone, and with a click of a button it's uploaded and on the market to sell. Sit back , relax and wait for a potential buyer. :) While waiting, you can do your own browsing and who knows, you might find something you like!

Okay, that's a thing or two bout the Duriana App, Now let me share with you the latest event by Duriana. I'm still pretty stoked that I was able to go for my first Duriana event; A Market in the Skies. This is another plus point that really makes Duriana stand out compared to the rest of the selling app in the market. Duriana is actively involved in bringing buyers and sellers together outside of their mobile and web platform by organizing intimate events with different themes. It gives you a feel of the real thing because not only will you be able to browse online but you get to meet your favorite vendors and also give potential buyers a chance to mingle with vendors! This event was held on the rooftop of La Scala Restaurant with 22 vendors selling their signature fashion products . A perfect summer's day to shop and catch up with your girlfriends too! 

Welcome to A Market in the Skies
Picture courtesy of Choy Peng
 There! This was what I meant, you see in on Duriana and you get to see it person too! Meeting vendors and buyers with the same interest is really cool because you connect immediately! 

And here's what it looked like in the skies, A market with awesome stuff!  From Accessories to clothing, to cufflinks, you've got a whole variety of fashion

Picture Courtesy of Shivani
Edmund Kwan from FH Club, the official giveaway sponsor! Oh how I love their accessories! Picture Courtesy of Shivani
Time was on our side that day, we took our time and went from one vendor to another to see what they had. Trust me when I say this, If we could buy one thing from each vendor we would. Super good deals to match the awesome products
The weather was hot that day but no it did not stop any one of from shopping! Lol.
Also, we were so lucky to have met Amanda, the co-founder of Duriana who gave us the latest insights to Duriana during the media luncheon. According to her, Duriana has recently launched it's latest version with a whole lot of new features that enable better browsing and hints on we could be looking forward to in the near future! One thing's for sure, there will be more intimate events like this one soon! (Credits to Choy Peng for this pic and the group shot!)

Overall, it was a lovely Saturday indeed! A day of catching up over favorite items to buys!

 Thank you Duriana for an awesome event! Can't wait for the next one! Till then, Don't forget to
Check them out here! 

And if you haven't downloaded it, click here!!

Happy Browsing! 

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