As I turn 25

2 September 2014

Just a couple of hours to go til the clock strikes twelve and I'll be overwhelmed with wishes of me hitting the big QUARTER OF A CENTURY milestone!

I've made mistakes along the way but I've definitely learned from them! Yes , each one of those mistakes made me a better ME.

Here are 25 things (in no particular order) the things I've come to realize and learn over the years, well, some of it at least.

1- As you grow older, you'll realize that AGE is just a number. 
Don't worry if you're turning 25 for the 1st time or 21 for the 5th time, age does not determine you're maturity. When you've learned things about yourself and life itself especially understanding that the only way to change the things around you is to be the little change that you can be, you'll be able to accept it for what it is , and walk out as a mature individual. I am at the point where if there is drama in my life, I get up and walk away from it. Seriously, drama these days give me a headache.

 2- Learn n make your own mistakes
Don't let people bring you down. People will judge whether they actually admit it. SO don't let it discourage you. Learn and if you make mistakes, don't be to hard on yourself. It's only then that you really learn.

3- People come and go
You'll meet a lot of new people, some may stay a while longer and some may leave a little sooner. But, there is a reason that your paths crossed. Learn from each one of them but remember not to hold on to it if they decide to leave. 

L.O.V.E. I've loved & I've been hurt by love. There are different stages of love and each person loves differently but whatever it is, Love from your heart and love genuinely. This is my one of my favorite quotes: "Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones you accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you you no matter what-Unknown"

5- You learn a thing or two about yourself
I've learned so much about myself when since my break up about a year+ ago. Never in a million years did I think I would come this far. Living my dreams, meeting so many new people, learning something new everyday.  My breakup hit me really hard. For months I thought that I could not go through it because I was pushed out of my comfort zone. Thankfully, I have family and friends that have been such a great support. It's not only from the breakup did I learn so much about myself, but my days in UniMAP also taught me to be independent and the person I am today

6- Adventure & Travelling
I'm pretty sure you have a long list of places you want to visit and explore. Well, go for it. Explore every city or country , near or far, on the list because when else would you want to travel and go on an adventure other than in your 20s. 
7- What your passionate about
By this time you'd prolly already know what you love to do and what you don't. So if you know what it is that you love  to do, put your heart into in and go for it. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it. Have faith and Believe in what you do, You'll make it, slow and steady :)

8- Don't please people
I am the kind of person that can't say no to people. Always saying yes to avoid people getting upset. It's not that I don't have a backbone, but I rather sacrifice to see the other person smile :) But after many many occasions where it backfires, I've learned that pleasing people should be the least of my concerns. You think of someone and you want to make him or her happy, but do they do the same for you? Nope. Lesson learned. Don't.Please.Anyone.But.Yourself

9-You are who you are
Regardless of what people say about you, YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE and no one can change that. You are beautiful in your own way. Don't change because of someone else or the things people say about. Be yourself and the right people will love you just the way you are

10-Experiences makes you a better person
All your experiences makes you a better version of yourself. The people you meet, the places you go to , teaches you how to be a better person. Whether directly or indirectly, those experiences will help you in a way you will not be able to learn in books.

11 -Knowledge
You learn something new everyday. Open your mind to new things, who knows , it might be useful one day. Don't stop yourself from learning :) Always remember that even though you think you know everything, you actually may not know a lot so be open to new ideas and opinions.
12 - Get your priorities straight
Know what is important and what is not. Get your priorities straight. I'm 25 , not 15, so there are things that are more important than other things. Some people get caught up in the middle of their busy schedule and do not have their priorities sorted out, hence, there's a lot of miscommunications etc.
13-100 days of happiness
I recently started my #100happydays on instagram. It's one way of finding things that really make you happy and reminding you how blessed you are. Whatever it is, do what makes you happy :)

14 Trust your instincts
Always. & I mean always trust your instincts. Those little hunches that we so often ignore is a sign. So don't brush your instincts aside, there is a reason why you it crossed your mind in the first place
15- Only when you're are your lowest , you are your strongest
Only when you're pushed to you limits do your real potential shine. Don't be afraid to go the distance, you might never know what your limits are until your at the edge of your seat.

I was never prettiest one, or the smartest one nor was I the most trendy one during my schooling days. But fashion is unique. Find your style.Be confident. And, you'll look awesome in whatever you wear!

17- Helping people
The more you give the more you receive. I don't know if everyone thinks this way but I do. I'm 25, well even before I was officially 25 , I always believe that you should lend a hand or reach out because you'll never know when you could be the reason some one holds on a little longer even turn that frown into a smile

18-Making my dreams come true
At 25, if you have already achieved quarter of your dreams , then you're on the right path. People often put their dreams aside and only focus on their work and daily routine. I know that dreams cannot be realized if it's still in your dream. So wake up and chase that dream. Even if it's a small dream, get up and go for it.  I did exactly that. I'm so glad that I can cross out some things on my bucket list.

19-Appreaciate the people who loves you
I'm so blessed to have so many people around me who loves me regardless of my flaws. The hardest time for me was during my breakup. I was lost, upset and alone. One love lost but so many more have shown me that although it hurts, I will be okay because of the people who love me. Yes, there will be some that hate you for no reason but ignore them, Appreciate those who love you instead. I may not show how much I appreciate each one of you, but know that I know who each one of you are and I love you very much. Thank You :)
Read. Read & Read. Read as many books as you can. Let yourself get lost in a world where you imagination runs wild. Reading takes you to places without even moving from your couch. To be honest, reading was not always my first choice, c'mon, you would agree with me, since technology took over our lives, we've all been glued to it. I'm guilty of it too but I know that I won;t go anywhere with technology. So , pick up a book , a good book, and read and let yourself be lost in it. Trust me, once you start you wouldn't want to stop!

21-You don't have to have it together all the time
No one said that you have to be rock hard 24/7 . I've come to understand that no matter how much you try to be strong or put on a front , you are still allowed to take a step back. And I realized that it is okay. It is okay to fall down. Like the saying goes, When life knocks you down, you get back up . And you continue walking. As long as you know that you have to move forward regardless of the situation , you'll be okay. Remember, that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

22-Pray, Thank God and Have Faith
We sometimes take things for granted. By that I also mean that we take the things we are blessed with for granted. Always remember that in all you do ( and not only in times of trouble) , you should remember God.  Pray and Thank God for everything. If you're going thru a hard time, with God anything is possible.

23-Money is not everything.
Money makes the world go round but it does not buy happiness. You don't have to be rich to be enjoying life. All you need is good company. 

24-Love yourself.
One other important thing I've learned is that no one can love you like you could love yourself. As cliche as it may sound when people say love yourself before you love someone else, it is true. When you appreciate yourself and accept your imperfections, no one can be in control of how you feel about yourself. And , when you are able to love yourself beyond that, you'll be able to love the other person as he or she is.
25- Life is Short
Last but not least, Life is too short to worry bout all your problems and your imperfections. People will either love you or hate you, and which ever it is, they will still talk so why worry. Enjoy life. Live it to the fullest. Also, Be grateful. Count your blessings and appreciate each one of them. You may never know when it will be taken away from you.

 Cheers to another quarter of a century of making memories with all you my favorite people !


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