[Event] Beautifest by Intimate Affairs

18 September 2014

On the 16th of September, Intimate Affairs organized an event just for us girls to be pampered while we connect with a diverse race of women of all professions while getting their team of professional makeup artists and stylists to transform us into a supermodels for a day! By the end of this post, you'll wish you were there too! But don't worry, this isn't the last you hear from Intimate Affairs! There'll be more so stalk their page!

Before we get to the event, here's a little info on who and what Intimates Affair is all about.

Intimate affairs is the creative mindset of Ella Fauzi, a full time glamazon & mother of two adorable children who never got her dream wedding. She finally decided to go on a quest to ensure that no one has to ever go through the same situation EVER. With that said, intimate affairs was created from the love and passion that Ella has when it comes to celebrating love, life, friends and family. With the support from her wonderful family and friends who are also the A-Team behind Intimate Affairs, we give you an event to remember - what joy and laughter bring us when we gather our loved ones in a celebration.

So, whether you're planning a corporate function or a themed parties / dinner or a marriage proposal, Intimate Affairs is the one to look for. And don't worry about the details of your event, because they can help you out with everything from sourcing of the venue to catering and even customizing your door gifts.
Beautifest 2014 was held in Ruang, Subang Jaya.

When you're being pampered, sometimes it's pretty difficult to digest that you're being treated like a VIP. LOL! Trust me when I say ,I could not decide what kind of look I actually wanted. Make over sessions like this is the right time to try something new and be a little adventurous , and that is what I did. I only told my make up artist , Nad , that I wanted something bright and colorful. Can you believe that she actually transformed my ordinary girl next door look to something that I could only imagine getting if I was doing a shot for a high fashion magazine or a runway walk. * Thanks Nad *

You could see the transformation just by looking at the pictures above & Just so you know, I had no idea what color she was using because she said only look in the mirror when she was done. Below are some of the girls getting their make up done. What's amazing about this event was , us, girls got to decide on the make up we wanted and we were pampered as if we were going for ' ANTM' finale . *hehe* But hey, we all deserve it every once in a while don't you think? Scroll down as we take a look at some of the other bloggers getting their make-up done.

Some of us really clicked the minute we met. It was as if old friends had reconnected after many many years.
We ate and laughed as we got to know one another better that afternoon. (From Left ) Joan, myself, Jessy Ong (Ying Ying) , Rebecca WongMary Jane 


Now , let's get to the best part about #Beautifest2014. As mentioned above, Intimate Affairs is an event planner, specializing in Weddings, hence, I could say we were so lucky to be able to take a look a closer look at the shoes , dresses and wedding bouquet all handmade my Ella herself. Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding as she marries her night in shinning armor, and honestly speaking, Intimate Affairs can definitely make that happen. As you scroll down and look at each of the pictures, you can see that the designs are all very intricate and one of a kind. Ella customized each and every item below according to the needs and wants of her clients, hence , there are no two same designs. How lucky can a girl get than to wear only one of that piece on her big day! *Excuse me while I start daydreaming about my wedding *

#Beautifest2014 is definitely one event that I will always remember because it was here that I took one step out of my comfort zone to try something different! Excited as I am to show you, Take a look at my before & after shot and also a couple of shots. What do you think?

Once everyone was done with their hair and make up , it was photoshoot time. We all got a few shots of our own. And , yes you guessed it, we also got our ' ANTM moment' Strutting down the runway and seeing the smile on everyone's faces was priceless

All in all , it was definitely a fun filled day of pampering and I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to hang out with. Beautifest2014 in my opinion was not only a great event by Intimate Affairs but they managed to achieve their goals

Oh and just so you know, Intimate Affairs is always ready to be your fairy godmother if you ever need to plan for an event. Just click the links to find out more!

Also, check our my make up artist of the day , Nad ( instagram.com/nvdism )

Again, Kudos & A big thank you to Ella from Intimate Affairs for having me representing MMAO!

Til we meet again at the next event,


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