Traditionally Modern by Illusiongraphy - Part 1

17 October 2014

The Remake of Asoka

About a couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Illusiongraphy to be a part of their latest project, A project to showcase the talents behind Illusiongraphy. Being a photograher is not an easy task. Yes, a proper DSLR camera will do the trick but I believe one needs to have the eye for photography. It's now the things you see but the way you see it that makes a whole lot of difference in the final results of the photograph. And, I am so glad I was given the opportunity to work with such a talented team.
Before we get down to business, let me first introduce to you Illusiongraphy.
From a hobby that slowly turned into profession , Illusion Photography when it started in May 2010, is now ILLUSIONGRAPHY, a photography team that is ready to capture memories made through their photographs. The WOman behind this is Kasturi Devi whom along with her husband, Navinraj make up Illusiongraphy. Kasturi, the one with the eye for photography and Navin, the one who makes any location a perfect backdrop for pictures make up this perfect team, Illusiongraphy. Being each other's backbone in this two man team, they are also each other's biggest support and critic and their perfection is seen in the photographs that they deliver to their clients. Illusiongraphy offers diverse portraiture styles of photography from beautiful images of wedding,  pregnancy, the wonderment of a newborn, to fashion-style/personal interest shoots for teenagers and individuals.

Here are some of the work they've done in the past. 

Illusiongraphy specializes in Wedding shoots and events, yet versatile enough to photograph otherwise.The pictures above are proof that they not only are able to capture special moments but make ordinary times extra special. You'll be able to see exactly that in their latest project with us. To view more of their work, click here! I know you've been waiting for the pictures! Now, take a look at the Remake of Asoka! 

Introducing the models , Dhiya and myself :P

The Remake of Asoka themed photoshoot was taken in Klang. We reached the location about 5.30 pm. and with natural sunlight, I would say that it was right time to shoot with natural sunlight. The location of the shoot fit the theme perfectly because of the burned down trees and the color of the whole place itself. Believe it or not the , what we are wearing is actually a saree tied into an old fashioned Madras flower-seller style outfit. Thanks to Tanusha Devi, she managed to perfect our whole look with smokey-eyes make-up and exaggerated eye-liner .
Are these pictures just awesome or what?! Share your thoughts with me!

What I'm really impressed by Illusiongraphy is final results of the pictures. Why I say this is because, capturing moments is only one part of it, the finishing touches is another. Some photography teams actually reconstruct the pictures, making the subject of the picture look really different than in real-life. It's that or their skills are really 'good' that it makes the color and the picture more unnatural than the original. I'd prolly say it is okay for them to change 360 degrees of the picture if the theme requires them to do so. In the above pictures, we can clearly see that Illusiongraphy maintains the originality of the shot, only correcting the minor elements that does not change the originality of the pictures. And , what I think is most important is that their focus is on YOU . When asked what differs Illusiongraphy from other wedding photographers, this is what they said  "Wedding photography with Illusiongraphy is about you, your family and your friends. Our style is unobtrusive and discreet to ensure you enjoy every moment – and we’re there to capture those moments"

So my fellow readers, Are you already in need of a photographer for an event or a theme photo shoot for yourself? Well, Packages start from RM600 depending on the theme and the services. It's negotiable , so don't worry, I'm pretty sure Illussiongraphy can come up with something to cater to your photography needs!  

psst.. A little birdy told me that if you mention myself, *Claudine from Little Eyes of Mine* , you'll get RM100 off your total package!

 Don't forget to check out their page on Facebook and give them the thumbs up! 

p/s- keep a lookout for our second photoshoot pictures!

Here's a teaser


Til then ,

Picture credits: All pictures were taken from Illusiongraphy


  1. You look amazing Claudine! btw for me standing in front of the camera is not something easy & really convenient (not sure if it's probably only to me because I'm a super shy girl) and sometimes someone can looks so uncomfortable through the facial expression in the photo especially if they aren't reacted good enough in front of the camera, but you looks just so amazing, photogenic =)

  2. Photoshoots can be time consuming but they are very rewarding once they are done! ^ ^

  3. You look amazing Claudine! Photoshoots can be very time consuming but really fun at the same time though.


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