Ice Cream Appreciation Day

19 October 2014

by Fatbaby Ice Cream

In this day and age, it's not fate that brings people together, it's Ice-cream. Let's see if I can prove that by the end of the post.Fatbaby Ice Cream organized an Ice Cream Appreciation Day yesterday afternoon. Oh how I wish there were more Ice Cream Appreciation Days. Well, usually, you're only able to get Fatbaby Ice Cream at certain cafes but guess what, you can now go to their physical store which is coming really soon!

 Here's a little about Fatbaby Ice Cream

When it's your passion, it becomes your life and that's exactly how Fatbaby Ice Cream started. Fatbaby started in March 2013 by Hui Ming when she moved back to Malaysia after spending 15 years in the UK. With no background at all in the F&B industry and having worked as an actuarial consultant, baking and ice cream making were a hobby but  because of the decision to move back , she gave it shot at turning her hobby into a business. Her journey started in her mum's kitchen, churning out ice cream with her first ice cream maker, Stella, which then became her most trusted companion. Before Fatbaby was officially launched , Hui Ming had  tried it out on family and friends To her surprise everyone loved it and slowly introduced it to their friends and orders started coming in. The power of Word of Mouth and good ice cream huh! Slowly she moved on to getting it stocked in cafes and restaurants to distribute Fatbaby Ice Cream. Hui Ming describes Fatbaby as a family affair and cousins and friends come together to help during bazaars and food fairs.  . She still makes all the ice cream and delivers them. They're now in the midst of preparing for its' first Ice CreamParlor somewhere in November. They will be located in Subang Jaya, SS 15/4. Yes , all the hip and happening cafes are in that area and I can't wait for Fatbaby to start operating . Now, wouldn't we all have an excuse to catch up over ice-cream! And, good ice-cream , I must say! 

It was a small and intimate event as there were only about 16 of us. I say yes for small groups! It makes the appreciation a whole lot meaningful right! Anyways, the event started with the founder of Fatbaby Ice Cream giving us an insight on ice cream and it's basic ingredients. Did you know that the ingredients that go into making ice-cream is actually very important? I believe this is one reason why more home made / indie brands are making it's way through the saturated ice cream market. Now every time I buy ice cream , I'll be looking at the ingredients. Take a look at the video below to see what goes into Fatbaby Ice Cream.

Here's something for you to think about ?
Why would ice cream brands state "Natural Vanilla Flavoring" instead of just vanilla extract or vanilla beans or just vanilla essence? Can you guess what it is made of? It's actually from the Beavers' Anal Glands. Yes, who would have guessed it right?! Don't believe me ? Click here. And no , I'm never NOT going to read the ingredients before buying ice cream or any product for that matter. Thank you Hui Ming!

Enough with them beavers'. Let's move on to the fun bit! Please meet Stella, Hui Ming's most trusted companion that got her where she is today.

Hui Ming started her ice cream journey with this little ice cream maker. She even showed us how it is made. From adding the ingredients to allowing it to churn to freezing and sampling, it was definitely an experience! You could see everyone smiling and intrigued with the whole process.

We take so little interest in the way ice cream is made that we think all ice cream is the same. Let me tell you that is not what it seems. Good quality ice cream and 'cheap' ice cream can be differentiated through the texture, taste and definitely the ingredients. We sampled cheaper ice cream brands and the higher range ones against Fatbaby. Boy, did we feel like big critics! But that's the best part about it, you can actually taste the difference! And the verdict? Thumbs up to Fatbaby Ice Cream!Now to the highlight of yesterday's Ice Cream Appreciation Day! The Ice Cream!Hui Ming prepared brownies and Rootbeer to go with Fatbaby Ice Cream. The pictures are not deceiving. It tastes just as good as it looks. After the sampling of ice cream and getting to know how it's done, it was time for su sit and enjoy every bit of it. Yes, go ahead and be jealous! LOL!
Hui Ming made homemade brownies to go with Fatbaby Ice Cream
Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream
Salted Caramel Ice Cream with brownies
BlueBerry Crumble & Salted Caramel Ice Cream with brownies
Some Tips when handling Fatbaby Ice Cream:
A Fluctuating temperature is definitely something you'd wanna avoid. Firstly is because Fatbaby Ice Cream does not have stabilizers like how some ice cream do. So once it's left out it melts pretty quick. So , remember to carry a cooler bag when you're getting your stash of Fatbaby Ice Cream!

Oh and here's a list of other Fatbaby Ice Cream Flavors to help you decide.

1- Salted Caramel
2- Coffee Crunch
3- Coconut Candy
5- Apple Crumble
6- Cornflakes
7- Peanut Butter & Fudge
8- Madagascar Vanilla Bean
9- Earl Grey
10- Blueberry Crumble
Don't forget to add a little Caramel Sauce when you have your Salted Caramel ice cream.
Caramel Sauce to go with the signature Fatbaby Salted Caramel Ice Cream
All in all, it was definitely an afternoon well spent at Fatbaby Ice Cream Appreciation Day! A big thank you to Hui Ming and Fatbaby team for having us! Not only were you so hospitable but it was a good ice cream socializing session with all the new friends we've made over ice cream! It is proven, that it's not fate that brings people together, it's Ice Cream and in this case it was Fatbaby Ice Cream!

Well, now you know how FatBaby Ice Cream is made and how good it is, Go get yourself one ! 

Fatbaby Ice Cream is sold at:

CAFFEine, Setiawalk, Puchong
El Negra Deli, Ipoh
The Red Beanbag, Solaris Dutamas
Podgy & The Banker, Sri Hartamas
Knock Knock, Pantai Panorama Condominium, Bangsar South
Huey & Wah, Belissa Row, Jalan Burma, Penang
Las Vacas, Mont Kiara
Las Vacas, Wisma Winbond, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
Las Vacas, Kelana Jaya
Standing Theory, 26, Jalan SS2/103
Jac's on the 8th, Dataran Ara Damansara
Red Cherry Store, The School, Jaya One
Ribs by Vintry, Jalan Kasah, Bukit Damansara
Roast Factorglee, The Village Shops, The Club, Bandar Utama

For more pictures of the event , click here 

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Hopefully one day we'll meet at Fatbaby Ice Cream, 


  1. It's lovely that artisan handmade ice creams are coming into their own in this country.
    I know that small batch ice cream parlours are a big deal over in the States because I have about five artisan ice creamery cookbooks in my collection. Just love reading about how ice cream is made.
    The name Fat Baby is adorable too. I saw the posting for this Appreciation Day and am sad that I wasn't able to attend. Mmmm...and those jars of Salted Caramel make me want to swing by. You're a lucky girl, Claudine!

    1. Thank you ShopGirl xx , Wish you were there too. it's been a while since we last met up. Homemade is always the best i feel cuz it is made with love! Maybe we can go have some Fatbaby when it finally opens in Subang ?