Wear Your Story by MilkyB

20 December 2014

Everyone wants to tell a story, a story that defines who they are as a person and a story that makes a lasting impression. Now, imagine if you could do that with what you wear underneath layers of cloth, a story that only you would understand.

Let me introduce to you , Milky B!

MilkyB is a lingerie brand that focuses on each individual, creating a more personalized feel to the lingerie she wears. With their tagline, Wear Your Story, they combine the unpredictable blend of the sensual essence of a woman's feminine body and the relaxed touch of fabric for that comfort and confidence, just for her.

MilkyB recently launched their brand and their very own outlet in Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar. Entering into the market of other well known lingerie brands, MilkyB is slowly making its way to the hearts and body of their female customers. Each of their handcrafted piece tells a story of its own , giving women the chance to wear something that fits their personality and what they feel comfortable in. 
A brand that focuses on handcrafted and high quality bras and panties, the founders of MilkyB, Shahir and Zueryn hosted an intimate event where women were able to see for themselves the stories that MilkyB wants to share. The event , held at their store gave them the opportunity to find their story with over ten different stories.
The happily married founders of MilkyB, welcoming the guests and giving them and insight of how MilkyB came about and MilkyB on a more intimate level.
A funny story they say, MilkyB ( pronounced as Milky Bee) is actually the name of their pet cat. Her fur is of a Milky color and B, being baby. How cute is that!

With desserts and games for us to break the ice ( we all know that women are sometimes pretty shy when it comes to talking the lingerie they wear, you have to agree with me on that) , we got to know MilkyB a little more on an intimate level .

 Designing our dream bra and panty. *Creating our own story *

Do you think you'll be able to guess the size with only looking and touching the bra? This pretty lady did!
Now, the part that we've been waiting for, the MilkyB lingerie ! Take a look at these and tell me that you're in love! The layout of MilkyB store has a very clean and organized feel to it. On one section you have the color blocking seamless bras and panties and on the other section is the sexy lace ones. Both fabrics used are very soft that makes the bra and panties even more comfortable to wear. In under RM200, you'll be able to get a set of bra and panty. Want to mix and match the colors? No problem! Plus,  they have more than ten different stories and pasterns to choose with various colors , designs and sizes. And for those who needs a little lift, they have push up bras as well!

Apple Green from the MilkyB Blossom Sugar line
This transparent lace is so soft and definitely makes a woman feel sexy when she wears it
Pink Polka-dots from the MilkyB Blurry Obsession line.
My personal opinion on MilkyB is that being a new brand , I believe that they are here to stay, coming in with a fresh new concept, it gives them a plus point in comparison to the other brands. In terms of the products itself, I say YES! I tried their seamless panties and it's so comfortable. You almost feel like a ' Britney Spears' with underwear! LOL, what I'm trying to say is that it is very comfortable and the panty line is definitely not visible when it is worn with dresses especially fitted ones. Colors wise, I love each and every color. We can say goodbye to boring black and nude! All-in-all, I feel that MilkyB engages very well with their customers in the sense that each visit to MilkyB becomes a personal experience instead of just stepping in to buy lingerie. They take time to understand each one of their customers , making each bra and panty is meant for them.Kuddos MilkyB!

Below are more of their product designs.

They you go! If I haven't convinced you enough then, I suggest you head on over to MilkyB 
in Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar for a more personal guide to Wear Your Story!
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