PIQUADRO & Naquirkee

28 June 2015

Official Debut by Bud & Naq

Two new brands have just got fashion enthusiasts off their seats! And I'm sure you will too! Introducing PIQUADRO and Naquirkee, two new lifestyle brands finally debuts in KLCC on the 13th of June 2015 and it definitely is going to get the attention of many! Shall we take a look at what these two brands PIQUADRO and Naquirkee have to offer? But before that, let's take a look at how PIQUADRO and Naquirkee came along.
Bud & Naq Group, who entered the local market in 2007, is a specialty retailer and distributor set up with a mission to bring world class quality lifestyle brands at affordable prices. Bud & Naq first entered with an American Shoe Brand Florsheim but since then the group has launched, Amtek Safety , Naquirkee and PIQUADRO with other brands coming in very soon! 


Naquirkee is all about quality foreign labels. Be it women's shoes , bags and accessories, Naquirkee  is a multi-label concept store carrying a myriad of global brands fit for every woman. Quirky by name and character, Naquirkee epitomes a classy yet playful image and lifestyle fit for the modern, urban woman. It is specially handpicked to reflect the brands quirky DNA. They sell accessories that ranges from bangles to bracelets to chains and clutches designed in house. And their uniqueness I would say is that the accessories are made from genuine stingray leather and buffalo horns. It represents as classy yet fun and quirky that makes it a fashion statement piece. Italy's Zano Centro shoe brand
other brands under the Naquirkee Label include Alma En Pena and Kanna from Spain, Carrano from Brazil, San Miquel from Mexico , Inuovo from Turkey and Gabs and Braccialini from Italy
which we don't see much in lifestyle brands. Hence , I believe that this is something that differentiates Naquirkee to other lifestyle brands. As for the price, I would say that it is a little more on the high end side compared to the usual brands but hey, if it's something that would make it a fashion statement with such good quality then the price is definitely secondary! Take a look at some of the bags, shoes and accessories.


PIQUADRO joins Bud and Naq as well but this time this brand portrays a more sleek and exclusive look for the business people. Its innovative elegant business bags and accessories from Italy joins the Malaysian market with style. The brand carries extensive range bags and accessories renowned for its debut for distinct design, technology and craftsmanship. I for one think that the bags and accessories gives you an extra edge when you carry them. Established in 1987 by Marco Palmieri to produce leather goods for prestigious Italian companies, PIQUADRO has grown to encompass 100 stores all over Paris Italy and London. Ten years after conception, PIQUADRO was launched as its own brand stamping its mark in the industry with core values embodied in design function and technology. And in Malaysia, it differentiates itself as a brand that offers such intricate design and fucntion with style.  What I absolutely love about this brand is that you can customize your bag right from the material to the accessories on it even to the number of compartments.
I am definitely impressed with the two new brands by Bud & Naq. They somehow found a way to cater to the wants of their customers by keeping up with the latest trends. All-in-all, Naquirkee to me would fit the perfect urban chic women that isn't afraid to play around with patterns and designs in their daily fashion statement. Each piece is a story of its own and has its own character and style. PIQUADRO on the other hand reminds me of the classy business people that's always on the go. Their bag designs just screams style and class. Imagine a businessman with his perfect pair of suit, now imagine him with a classy PIQUADRO briefcase. It couldn't be more perfect than that. Also, I believe that it caters to a wide market that's suitable for working people or college students in general. And here's some good news,you can expect more lifestyle brands by Bud & Naq as Syed Naqiz said that they are excited to introduce unknown brands in Malaysia as they are confident they have a huge potential to be desirable brands among the locals.
Okay guys!
Time for you to head on over to KLCC to check them out!
PIQUADRO and Naquirkee stores as located at Lot 203c and 205, Level 2 Klcc.
For more information you can email them at info@budnaq.com

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