3 July 2016

Spring / Summer 2016 Collection

How lucky are we to be able to experience summer all year round! Well, other than the rainy season of course,LOL. The tropical weather gives us an advantage to dress up and play around with different summer styles.
Not too long ago Aldo launched their Spring/ Summer 2016 Collection. This time around they had a lot of neon colors that will add a little more character to whatever you have on. On top of that you have the basic or more neutral kind of tone for those who'd like to keep it simple yet trendy at the same time. 

What caught my attention from this collection are those pretty strapy designs. My fashion style is more of a boho chic/ street style with a little edge.So, those strapy ones are my favourite. From their footwear to accessories to their bags collection, their range for this summer / spring for both men and women is one collection where you'd be able to find something to suit your taste.Besides the obvious style and trend that Aldo offers, the footwear made are comfortable to wear too.

You'll be able to find something for day time to night time as well. The hand bags this time time around for Summer / Spring plays around with mostly pastel colors which would match the shoe designs you choose.

Aldo's Spring/Summer 2016 Collection with the theme Inspiration is Everywhere highlights the diversity of authentic personalities in which they find inspiration everyday, everywhere, and in everything. 
Take a look at some of the designs! 

 Here's a video to give you a full look at Aldo Sping / Summer 2016 Collection

Head on over to their Facebook page or their official website to keep up with their latest trends for the summer / spring! There are also Aldo outlets that you can check out to try on those latest designs.  
I love these Boho Chic design!
See you in the next post!


  1. wow so nice the shoes . Love it

  2. I love those boho chic sandals too! Time to check out their new collection :)

  3. i love Aldo shop. It is very therapeutic to stroll :)

  4. that's alot of new designs!! i am a fan of ALDO too, so many lovely and beautiful designs they have

  5. I always passby Aldo Shop but didn't dare to go in! They have alot of pretty shoes and bags!! Always can't take my eye away from ><

  6. i'm not a big fan of Aldo. they do carry pretty looking shoes, but i feel they're too pricey and not comfortable enough for my overly-delicate feet.

  7. Nice to meet you at the events and yes I love their shoes.

  8. OMG that feathery boho sandal already stole my heart 😍 Surely checking soon in store!

    do drop by... GreenStory