Event: Sasa Mask Run

Have you ever experienced a situation where you're excited but nervous at the same time? Well, this Sasa Mask Run gave me sweaty palms for sure! Games that are timed usually makes me nervous-only because I am so afraid I'd screw it up. LOL. But, you get pumped up and the feeling of it is exciting yet stressfull at the same time. If that makes sense :P

Sasa Mask Run was held in their store in Mid-Valley, Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with their store reopening. Besides their Mask Run, they also had promotions where items are RM1 and RM10 as well as additional discounts. Mask Run boxes were sold a week before the event so that participants could get a feel of that they were getting themselves into & of course to get themselves ready for the most crucial 30 seconds of their life. Each participation was RM50 which comes with a square box.

The idea of this Mask Run is to collect as many masks as you can and fit it into your box in 30 seconds. Mind you, 30 seconds is not long at all. You think the world stops spinning but it feels like as if it is on fast forward.Kudos to everyone who took part!
Lik Wen briefing us on what to do and what not to do
I can tell you now that is the most stressful 30 seconds of my blogging life. LOL. It's fun though! The adrenaline running thru your body makes it so exciting but stressful at the same time because all you can think of at that time would be to not mess up!

Here's a few photos of my 30 seconds Mask Run!

Getting ready and checking our boxes
Trust me when I say this, I was literally just stuffing grabbing and stuffing it all in.
When you have 30 seconds , the type of face mask doesn't matter. What matters is filling the box .
Not happy but  my 30 seconds was up
Would you believe that I managed to get 55 masks in 30 seconds! and the total of my masks cost about RM600 plus. That is a whole lot of masks and it will last me for a good few months for sure! 
I was so pleased with myself for being able to grab 55 pieces!
Happy with all our masks! ( From Left: Carol, Bowie, Lik Wen, myself & Shivani)

All in all, It was such a fun event! All of us had a good time and a good laugh because honestly, we were all so nervous for each other!
There! These are all of my masks from the Sasa Mask Run! *I'm a happy child*
Can't wait for Sasa to organize their next event! Hopefully next time I'll be more prepared! For more information on Sasa and their products , head on over to their Official Website and Facebook!

Pictures Disclaimer: All pictures are courtesy  of Sasa Malaysia.


  1. This is such an interesting event! I hope they held it at my country!

  2. Gosh!!!! This sounds like fun. Great grab!!! You now can pamper yourself with mask everyday.

  3. Wow, what a wonderful event. I have always wanted to participate in those "Shop Till You Drop" or "Supermarket Sweep" kind of show.

  4. How fun is this event! You get to keep so many masks and made new Friends too!!


  5. wow....fun event!!!I wish i can join next time~~

  6. Oh my... Really want to join this mask hunt event as I'm a mask lover no matter any branding.

  7. wowwwwww... that is alot of mask! totally cool. I am sure you feel like a kid in a candy store.

  8. this is really so much fun.. I cannot believe how you girls can grab just so many masks in just a few minutes.... awesome lah you all

  9. Looks fun.. I wish to join this too..I love put on mask every weekend..wish to have a lot of mask

  10. Interesting and fun! Wow~ 55 masks? You're the expert! XD

  11. wow you manage to grab 55 masks, great

  12. Oh wow there's alot hell of mask!! Haha My house have more than enough that I needed =P Looks like a fun event!

  13. Hope to join too!!The event looks so interesting and fun.

  14. Oh my god, that is a lot of mask! I wish I have that much so I can wear one everyday hahahaa

  15. Great mask it seems to be!!fun event it was...

  16. so nice yo! Nice to bump into you girls that day

  17. Wow! 55 pieces is a lot and thumbs up for the variety. Now I regret not going, was afraid I can't control myself later. Lol. Plus I still have a number of masks haven't use.

  18. So nice.. I didn't know about this mask run.. Else i'll go grab some mask for myself too!

  19. I hope they will organize again as I want to join the Sasa Mask Run. I saw a lot of my favourite mask.

  20. Wow, worth of RM600 plus of masks in 30 seconds, I want too :)


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