Does a pair of glasses make you look cool or awkward? Or does it actually change your self-perception like those rose-colored glasses?

One of the reasons why I dread using my reading glasses is because I sometimes feel it makes me look awkward. I've seen some of my friends who look really good wearing different types of glasses - shapes, sizes, colors etc. However, when it comes to getting one for myself, it becomes rather difficult to find one that suits me. So if you've noticed some of my snaps or my Instagram pictures, I have only one pair of eyeglasses that I really use. Well, that's until I came across this one from

Just a little bit about before we get into purchasing a pair of glasses for yourself. is a well-known American online retailer. It begun operations in 2004 with a group of eye doctors that understands the struggle of users and has since delivered over a million pairs of eyeglasses all around the world. They offer a variety of eyeglasses with the best quality and affordable is not only professional and reliable but their website is also very user-friendly.

What I like about is that the website is very user friendly. They have different categories of glasses to choose from ranging from eyeglasses to prescription sunglasses to sunglasses. They are also always up-to-date with their glasses designs which is great to keep up with trends yet makes it harder to choose from because of the variety of glasses to choose from! *dilemma dilemma*

Not only that, has a side bar to narrow your search. With this available, it makes it easier to choose the type of frame, pattern, sharp and even color. One speacial feature that's really cool is that you can to 'try it on' All you have to do is choose a pair of glasses, click 'try it on' and upload a picture of yourself. You'll somewhat know how it looks on you! Cool eh!😎

Once you have narrowed down your search, the steps thereafter are pretty simple and straight forward. One extra step that may vary compared to purchasing other kinds of online product, would require you to choose your glasses based on what you're using it for. This is definitely helps as it shows that takes the time to ensure that every user picks the right pair for the right reason, whether it is as a Single Vision, Multi Focal or just as a Fashion Statement.

Tip: I would suggest that you take your time with this section if you're getting a pair of prescription glasses. This is so that you pick the right pair for yourself.

As for myself, my glasses is mostly for single vision as my job requires me to be on the computer for a long duration of time. Choosing the right pair has been made easier as the exact size is listed at the bottom of each pair you choose. So, if you have any glasses that you are currently using, you'll be able to match that to see how the measurements vary.When you're done choosing the glasses of your choice, add to cart and proceed to check out! It is simple as that!
They say sharing is caring, hence, I want to share this with all of you! has a promo code for all of you which entitles to 50% off your purchase on selected pairs of glasses using this promo code: GSHOT50 until the end of 2017 !!. And, if you're also wondering which glasses did I buy, then here is the link to it.

Okay guys, for more information on this and more, head on over to one of these useful links
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Bye from this little one and I !!


  1. 50% discounts?
    Just on time - I need to buy me a new pair. Thanks for the sharing.

  2. This is something new to me, shop for glasses online, I never know this.
    It's really good and easy.


  3. I went through the selection and it is so easy to shop for glasses online. Well, I don't need to wear any but the time will come when I get older, I guess.

  4. Will let friends know. I don't wear glasses now.

  5. Long time didn'y change's time now and have promotion leh... thanks!! - Racheal Foodilifecious

  6. Nice will check out their promotion, my glasses are pretty old and it's good to have a new old :P

  7. Never old to wear old school glasses. I have an rectangular nerd glasses. I wear it until now.

  8. i got a pair of glasses from them too last year or so and I am so in love with it.... even more then my branded ones... go figure...

  9. oh wow nice selections there. time to get a new pair of glasses for me and my hubby

  10. Awww your glasses frame are so cute, love it too.

  11. Yes glasses definitely define how your looks like! I am definitely going to give thumbs up on your new eye glasses look! So cute!

  12. True. You look different with different type of glasses. But choosing a pair of good glasses is important to protect the eye

  13. I also got mine at and i love my pair! And its lightweight :)

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  15. These are all great choices.I love your style!Shingle tiles Suppliers

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    Optometrist Pensacola

  17. This will help me for my next glass purchase . Thanks cloudy 😁


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