TBP Blog Detox | June

2 June 2017

💜My Favourite Mask Sheet 💜

Time: 9.54 pm
Day : Friday

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! So, The Butterfly Project has started something called the Blog Detox which really got my attention because of a few reasons.
1- There's no strings attached - no pressure of writing the perfect post. The key here is - JUST WRITE

2- All you need to do is sit back, relax and write what you feel like. Again, JUST WRITE

3- Keeps the post personal and back to what blogging is about. Sharing what you love and believe in. Third time is charm, they say- JUST WRITE

So, here I am. I've put on my fave sheet mask - Innisfree it's real squeeze mask - Cucumber. to be exact. I've got my lappy with me and I thought why not just write bout it while I wait for the mask to dry. A win-win situation eh. My favourite Sheet Masks are the ones by Innisfree. I usually stock up enough masks to last me for a month. My once a week routine became twice  a week and now I just use it as and whenever I feel like it. There was a point in time where I used it everyday! & boy, the results were good! 

I think an article appeared on Hello Giggles stating that using a mask a day for 7 days in a row really helps! It definitely does! Anyways, back to my favourite mask sheet- Out of the different mask sheets available in Innisfree, - there's Rose, Bamboo, Rice, Shea Butter, Strawberry, Te Tree, Lime, Kiwi.... and the list goes on.. I would say that CucumberBija and Manuka Honey are my favourites. Each mask has its own functions for every skin type or problem so, pick your choice. 

The one that I have on now-  cucumber, is filled with freshly squeezed cucumbers to provide lots of moisture to the skin. Cucumber is said to contain mostly water, Vitamin C and Caffeic Acid. These three elements are good soothing skin irritation, reduce swelling and prevents water retention. No wonder cucumber is used for skin pampering. A mask a day sure keeps the stress away ! 😊

Why I love using Innisfree Mask Sheet?
  • 👍 It suits most skin types - I have sensitive skin and I've tried a few other brands and some of it caused redness on my skin and breakouts. Since then I've always been using this and touchwood so far so good!
  • 👍It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized
  • 👍I've used it 7 days straight and it does make a difference. But I would suggest that you stick to one type of mask sheet once you find something that you like and suits you. I used a different one everyday to find the one that I really like. 
  • 👍The fragrant is not too overpowering
  • 👍It's cooling upon application
🌸 Here's a tip 🌸 
Use the access liquid from the mask and rub it all over your hands and legs! It will serve as a moisturizer or a lotion! And after leaving the mask on for about 10 to 20 minutes, use the mask sheet and gently pat on skin for further absorption. 

Okay everyone, the time now is 10.25 pm. Time to remove my mask, brush my teeth and hit the sack. It's been a long week and now it's time to enjoy the weekend. I must say that a mask before bed just helps unwind and relax. So, glad I was able to do so while writing this post.

What's your Favourite Mask Sheet?
I'd love to know and if its something I've never tried before, then I'd love to try it.

Til my next Blog Detox Post, 
Good night everyone, 

Sleep tight, 


  1. Hi babe! Wow, I really didn't know that it was good to wear masks 7 days a week! Damn, what I have been doing all this time! Hahahahha Anyways...for me I really love lemon sheet masks from any brand technically...but yea I do agree that Innisfree has an excellent range of facial masks...<3

  2. great idea.. I have plenty of mask and was using one only twice a week.. now let me try using it everyday... hahahaha

  3. I love Innisfree and I use masks alternating different types every day lol!

  4. Oh my! I should start putting mask on everyday too and see the difference! I shall start with Innisfree ;)

  5. 5! innisfree mask is my favorite mask too!! but havent try all types!

  6. WOw! Never tried this. I'd go looking for this tomorrow :)

  7. I try their mask too. Non sticky n easy to use. Fit my face the mask.

  8. I tried the 7 days but my limit was 5 masks due to no time, too tired. But can cheat with sleeping mask lah. Lol. Definitely worth it even if 5 days, can feel the skin is softer and plumper.

  9. I prefer masks that won't cause harm if I fell asleep with it on. LOL So far, I haven't found a favourite mask yet. Thought of buying something different every time but I am not sure if I am giving them enough time to show their strengths.

  10. I love innisfree face mask sheets! They always gives me radiant glow which i didnt found in other face mask. And its serum inside are so generous.

  11. I love Innisfree too!! I always restock whenever I finish their mask =)

  12. Innisfree masks for some reason give the best in moisture, hydration and plumping effect for the skin. It is lovely in terms of radiance as well. Keep it up Claudine! <3

  13. oh yes I almost forget about this mask..their rose mask is my favourite too!!Plus they are affordable!

  14. You have so many innisfree masks! I tried the cucumber mask before and I'm forever a fan, it's so hydrating my skin loves it. :D

    yanrula x
    Let's connect: Bloglovin'

  15. I try innisfree before, and I agree with u. It suits sensitive skin!

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