A touch of your personality in your home interior design

Interior design serves as a functional mood and ambiance setting for the home or office. It also reflects the personality of the owner and family living in the house. Here’s the three keys to successful decoration, function, mood and personality.

You can start off by calmly reflect on your family’s needs and lifestyle to lay the foundation for your particular designs and ideas. Imagine you have a 3-bedroom HDB unit in Pasir Ris, what will the wall color of the master bedroom be? What would you look for when it comes to comfort and design of your living room? Which color theme would be suitable for kitchen?

Magazines and the web are great source of inspiration and you can compile a folder full of ideas that appeal. If you have items at home that looks appealing to you, create mood boards. These will form the basis for the mood and feel of the room that you intend to create in your home. Here’s a couple of things on how to make the room work for you.

Focal point

Successful interior decoration requires focal points that can gain eyeballs and attractions immediately upon entering the room. That’s including items like the collection of books on an attractive bookshelf, bay window and door grills. Some rooms do not have natural focus point but you can create one with colour in the form of a tapestry, work of art or a rug.

Fixtures and furnishings 

Take a look at your current furniture and determine whether it is functional and that it fits in with your future plans for every room. Size is important as well because if the furniture is too big or too small, it will make the room look either too crowded or empty. You may have to consider to replace that furniture with something more suitable and fitting for the house.


The lighting for each area depends on the activities that will be taking place in the room. However, those lighting should be visually appealing as well as functional. Do take into consideration that different activities that will take place in a specific room or area, so you could plan the lighting accordingly. You may want to tone things down when watching television and have pools of light available for activities such as family board games or for curling up in a chair for reading activity

Do not worry about arranging and rearranging the furnishings in the room until you find something that works for you. Start the design idea on paper or a mood board as I always suggest, is a good way of highlighting which areas of the room needed to be incorporate with electrical outlets, network points and other technological requirements. Balance is essential when it comes to interior designing. Be sure to balance high with the low and heavy with light in your arrangement, but don’t forget to also focus on the traffic areas throughout the room.

In order ensure that everything works well together, the amount of complexity among color, lighting, shapes, patterns and textures, will help create a theme that runs throughout your interior decorating efforts. In other words, find your theme and complement with your decorations. Everything you have chosen should have both an element of appeal to you and an element from your fundamental theme. For instance, if you are redesigning your decor with nautical interior theme - we advise to stick with it and avoid introducing extraneous features that detract from the main idea.

Last but not least, when it comes to colour palette, it is just as important as the rest of the furnishing, decorations and lighting. These can either be wall colors or sometimes found in the item that you have used for inspiration. For example, the nautical setting that you have chosen could associate with the colors alike of sky, sea, sand and sun. It is ideal to select only three colors in any of the room - pick any dominant tone color that will be used for the walls and floors; a secondary color that should feature in fabric coverings as well as an accent colour that although used sparingly, it will add vibrancy to the room. You can try mixing patterned furniture and accessories, but remember to keep the colour of the background same and vary the size of the patterns.


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  2. Absolutely right! As you say people really see your personality in interior designs of home. I also love to decorate my home by rebuilding or installing new interior designs. My all friends always appreciate my choice of interior doors and windows designs. :)


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