My Little Summer Soirée

3 March 2014

My First of many more to come

Since I've started blogging, I've met so many new people, made so many new friends and was exposed to a whole new world. I used to only dream of this but never actually did anything about it. 

My first 'event' was A Meet And Greet Session with the one and only Anna Sui. I actually took part in a contest run by Cleo Magazine and I was one of the TWO lucky winners to meet her. It was one of the most memorable experiences ever. Another dream of mine came true when I met her. 

This was the first time Edazz and I met. I approached her when she was reading this board. She's been a big support of my blogging journey. Without her encouragement I don't think I would have even started . Thank you Babe! <3 Oh be sure to check out her blog Edazz-Beautylicious
To the caterpillar , it might be the end, but to the butterfly, it is only the beginning :)
This was the beginning of everything :) I realized that since I am the maker of my dreams so, Only I can make it come true. So I took a leap of faith and I'm happy to be where I am now. With all the love and support I received throughout this journey is just overwhelming esp since I was going thru a rough time at the moment. Acquaintances became friends. Friends became Family. and Family became pillars that I needed all these while. Of cuz, there were haters too. But I tell myself that, If there are haters, then I must be doing something right :) Also, I'm really grateful to Mama Butterfly, Tammy and her team, The Butterfly Project has given me a lot of opportunities that I only dreamed off when I used to read blogs of well known bloggers. Without Mama Butterfly and her team, this caterpillar would not have made it this far.

And all these has led to my first Little Summer Soiree. :)

MY Little Summer  Soiree was a collaboration with China Glaze Malaysia. It was held on the 22nd of February 2014 (a day that I will always remember) . It was a little party with all my closest friends and cousins. At first, I was really nervous because I've never organized a party by myself let alone host one! Haha! But I had great support from my cousins and friends that said that they would help in any way that they could ( I'm so lucky to have all of them around me :* ) China Glaze Malaysia was a big part of this as they kept my guests occupied throughout my little soiree with nail polishes that they could try on, activities and also a little place where my guests could purchase products from :)  I had about 30 guests, I wished I could have invited more but because it was a little soiree and this missy was on a budget, It was limited. *Fingers crossed that next time it would be a bigger event!* Although I still think that a little intimate party like this allows you to mingle with everyone and spend time talking rather than a big party but no time to mingle with all my guests. Don't you think so?Anyways,We'll save that for later :) 

Now, Take a look at my invitation! My friends found it cute that it said ' a chance to mingle with Claudine' only because they all personally know me.

This was the itinerary for the day but as usual, we started a little late and we also ended a little late. :) It was all good though because everyone had a good time!
e hostess of day <3 Cute? * Yes, I know, I was talking bout the cupcakes too :P *
My Little Summer Soiree was held at Kay's Cafe @ Indera Subang Apartments in USJ 6/2L . IF ever you are in the area, why not go over for lunch or dinner, the food there is just delicious! 

 Yes , This was what Kay's cafe served us for tea :) Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Grilled Sausages  :D Yummyyy!!

 My mummy made these cuppies just for me and everyone loved it!

 China Glaze set up their little area for my guests to buy nail lacquers and other products! I tell, they went wild went they all arrived! * In a good way of cuz!*

 Once everyone arrived, I had to give a little welcome speech. It was the scariest thing ever cuz I have stage fright! Agnes from China Glaze, however, was very calm and composed! She introduced China Glaze to all my guests :)

 She gave them a little tutorial on how to care for your nails, and easy ways to create nail arts using a dotting tool! Below are pictures of my guests while they were busy painting their nails!

 To Bianca, Andrea and Nana, Thank you for coming:) It was lovely having you girls there!
 Dhibesh, Angeline and Lina, We met in Uni , & I'm so lucky our friendship is still strong <3 , Aqma, You're just the cutest and Ker Chi, Thank you so much for coming, I laff you <3
To  My cousins that I love( Top - Oli Volly, Symren, Tania, Sha, Trina and Bottom Pic- Lynn, Rosie Boo).  The ones that are there for me thru thick and thin . Thank you for coming <3Thank You for supporting me!
 I'm so happy you girls came:) Thank you Arpita, Edazz, Shasha and Shivani! I love you girls! We're more than friends now, We're family :)

May, Showing some of us the awesome China Glaze App that you can download on your phone!

  Look at what the girls came up with!
 After Agnes had given the girls a little tutorial on how to create different nail arts with only a dotting too, it was time to put their skills to the test. The girls were given one hour to come up with as many nail art designs using the dotting tool! Take a look at how focused these girls were.

Each group was given a nail wheel to work with. But some of them got extra creative and did it on their own nails.! Look at this one! Aqma create a cupcake design ! Oh-so cute!

After an hour of creating different nail art designs with a dotting tool, It was time for me to pick and announce the winners. 

It was tough having to decide the winners because everyone was so creative. But the one that stood out for me was this group! Tadaaaa!!! Congratulations Dhibesh, Lina, Aqma and Angeline! The dotting technique you girls used was really good! <3

Before it all ended, My guests also took home a little goodie bag from me :) A Mini Cocoa from Craft Kitchen and a little Stress Away Salve from Bisou Bon Bon! Both my favs!

 I only managed to take a few shots because I was busy entertaining hehe But, Thank you Shivani for the pretty pictures:) For more pictures check out China Glaze Malaysia and Little Eyes of Mine <3

Thank you all for making my Little Summer Soiree awesome! I'm really glad that all of you could make it! <3<3<3

Lotsa Love, 


  1. Such nice wardrobe colour combinations, Edazz, Arpita and Claudine. Sunny & Summer-ish, living up to the theme.

  2. It was such a great event! Thank you for being an incredible hostess Claudine!!

    CP: I wish you had been there!