My Weekend

24 March 2014

Good buys. Good food. Good company.

The weekend is over! *sigh* The only way to get through your Monday Blues is if you've had an awesome weekend to look back at and smile!
Happy Monday everyone! 
I hope all of you had an awesome weekend! If you're like me, one who goes to work before the sun rises and only get home when the sun sets then I bet you'd make the most of your weekend the minute Friday starts! 
As the title suggests, this weekend was a weekend of good buys, good food and definitely good company!
On Saturday I attended A Dorothy Perkins' Styling Workshop by The Malaysian Women's Weekly! I got the times mixed up and reached a little late but Sabrina, the Fashion Editor was still kind enough to share some tips with my girl friends and I. Take a look at the picture below! 
Doesn't she look gorgeous! I absolutely love her #ootd ! It was lovely meeting you Sabrina!

After the event, Mom n I did a little shopping before we headed to my Aunt's house to visit her! The sale that was going on over the weekend made me go a little hyper. Shoes, Bags, Clothes, Perfumes etc. basically everything lah was on sale! Take a look at the damage ! Hehe! But I think it's worth it. It's been a few months since I actually shopped :D We all deserve a little treat don't we?

So this is what I bought. It was totally worth it because of the sale. I don't know if I would have gotten anything if weren't for the sale

Here's how much I spent.

Bag, from Vincci-  RM149.80 RM 74.90
Shoe, also from Vincci- RM 109.80.RM 54.90
Blouses , from Kitschen, ( OMG they had a major BUY 1 FREE 1 SALE!) I got these today. 
I paid RM 95.00 instead of  RM 170! Worth it isn't it! 

Oh Oh ! I also got mummy a new perfume! She loves perfumes! I asked her if she needed a new phone 
( her current phone is about to go *kaput* anytime! ) or a perfume and I should have guessed it! She said Perfume! I got her a Burberry Perfume for RM199 for a whole gift set instead of RM 285!
 After the Dorothy Perkins event, I was supposed to go for another event , Aveda event in Pavilion with the girls but turned that down because mum and I wanted to go to Sentul . Anyways, Edazz and Shivani was so sweet to come to Publika to meet me for high tea at Ben's after their event! My weekends are always perfect when I have them around! Love you girls!
There was a lot of laughing. A lot of eating. and definitely a lot of photo taking sessions! hehe! Can't wait to get the pics from Shivani! 

I didnt have pictures at my Aunt's place but the weekend was good! I love Spending time with the cousin, Oli Volly. We also met up with my other cousins, Keisha and Timothy ( Timothy is the cousin I never knew I had!) lol. Oh I don't have pics of us but I do have a picture of our lunch today. Mummy made Ox-tail soup! There's no need for fancy restaurants when you have good food like this at home kan!

Look at how I'm starting my Monday! ..with "My Manicure Monday"
Well, I guess that sums it all , My weekend! 
I didn't see Rosie or Lynn or Tania or my friends back home. I miss them but hey,  there's always other weekends or the weekdays! Hehe! I don't think I'll be able to get thru my week without meeting them!

Cheers to a good start and an awesome week ahead everyone! 
Lotsa Love :)

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