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3 July 2014

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Have you ever wondered if you're consuming the right supplements? Or which one actually helps? The price of these supplements is not cheap too because each supplement has different functions. And,looking at all the different supplements out there, do you really know which one would actually work for you?

Eskayvie and The Butterfly Project Malaysia had organized a little afternoon tea session at the Pullman Hotel, Bangsar to enlighten us on two of their products, the Eskayvie Redianze and I-Qids. * Thank you for having us*

Picture courtesy of Arpita
The difference between Eskayvie and other supplements is that these innovative products are designed to preserve and promote health and beauty only using premium natural ingredients.Redianze has the right amount of ingredients that would actually help in maintaining one's natural beauty and glow withing a shorter period of time. So, it's not all beauty, it promotes good health too! Read on to find out more!

Introducing I-Qids and Redianze!
CEO of Eskayvie, Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al Qudri
A medical doctor by profession, Dr Syid was the right person to fill us in what Eskayvie is all about and what ingredients are used and most importantly, what amount of those ingredients do we really need on a daily basis to maintain our glow from within. Giving us clear explanations, all in layman terms, he made all of us understand that we do not need a whole lot of collogen in us! And all we need is the right amount of ingredients in the supplement we consume. Dr Syid has 15 years of experience practicing medicine and more than 10 years of formulating biotechnological health and beauty supplements and research in alternative medicines with scientists from Italy, Japan and Sweden.

The latest fomulation of Eskayvie Redianze has the FIVE most important ingredients to restore and maintain  your beauty and glow from within. The five latest innovation includes - Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Pepties (HMCP)*All you need is a dosage of 5,000 mg per day*, AstaReal P2AF *this is one of the strongest anti-oxidants in the world* Vitamin C , Prunus Persica and Stevioside * With no atificial sweetener, this peach flavored supplement adds another plus point to why we should take it*. It's suitable for both men and women and it provides nutritional food supplement to make you look and feel better. It's proven to show results in just a couple of months!

Eskayvie has also come up with their latest I-Qids which is available in one flavor. One UNIVERSAL flavor! Yes, Chocolate! Kids will definitely love this! According to Dr Syid , I-Qids is jam packed with branded ingredients that provide all the nutrients that children need on a daily basis. The nutrients include- Omegalinol - Memofortex- Algalithe - Colostrum - Vitaral - Malt Extract- Co-isolate. All in all , It helps with concentration , keeps them energetic and supports healthy growth & development . One sachet mixed with 150ml of cold/ room temperature water is all a kid needs to get his/ her day started. *12 years and above would require 2 sachets daily. I-Qids rretails at RM59.00 (wm) and RM 64.00 (em)

Left : Chocolate I-Qids  Right: Redianze
I definitely love I-Qids because its chocolate and it's yummy! Redianze is peach flavored with no artificial sweetener! 

So, here's my take on why you should give Eskayvie  Redianze and I-Qids a try. 

Besides being a beauty product, Eskayvie Redianze actually tells you that they have the right amount of ingredients you need in it to help maintain your beauty and glow, no more no less. Which is good because I feel that there is no hidden agenda behind this product. & Redianze has helped stroke patients walk again! Plus relieving  arthritis and joint pains are just a few of the many health benefits from Redianze! What more can you ask for from this supplement.  
Beauty Reviving + Health Restoring = Double dose Eskayvie!

As for I-Qids, I feel that a child could use a supplement like this n a daily basis because it not only helps with the growth and development of a child but it also formulated to support the brain and immune function. I have given one box of I-Qids to my colleague because she says that her son is very playful and it is sometimes difficult for him to focus on school especially when boys are being boys. I can't wait to see the improvements!

A few more pictures before I end this post ! Myself and A group shout with Edazz, Shivani and Arpita! 

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