BCL BFF Makeup Party

22 July 2014


Do you know what's even better than spending a day with your BFF? It's Spending a day with her at a Makeup Party! Thanks to BCL Malaysia, a BFF make up party by Takaru Hiroki was organized for make up enthusiasts like myself and fellow bloggers along with our BFFs!

If you did not already know, Beauty Creative Lab also known as BCL is a Japanese Makeup brand that has been a round for quite a while now. BCL has three ranges of products, Makemania Data-To stimulate women’s makeup soul ; BrowLash Ex-Eye makeup perfect for beginners and Tsururi-A skincare range that targets pores is suitable for both the young and working adults.

Now, before we get to the workshop itself, here's a picture of my BFF Edazz and myself!

P/s- Love you BFF :P
The makeup session was conducted by makeup artist, Takaru Hiroki san. He thought us how to create two different looks, Cool Beauty and Japanese Idol. Cool Beauty empahasizes on looking more mature and defined which is suitable for any day. The Japanese Idol however aims on creating a more dolly effect I would say.
Psst. This is actually one of my favourite products from BCL Makemania Data range which is called Gradiation Tip Shadow. On the left is in Bronze Brown while on the right is a Light Brown shade)
Here are some of the products that we got to play with! 

Clearlast Light Ocher 02 / Clearlast Natural Ocher 01
Hiroku-san started with Cool Beauty and then contrasting it with Japanese idol, I like how makeup artist makes it look so simple to do. As usual he starts with a base and then shapes her eyebrows according to the theme. Then he moves on to the eye shadow, eyeliner and then finishes it off with a little pink blush a lip gloss. Scroll down to see if you can see the difference between both looks.

After the tutorial, now it is out time to give it a go! Look at My BFF and I trying it out.

Can you see the difference between both sides of our model's face. On the left is the Cool Beauty makeup technique while on the right is the Japanese Idol technique. Cool Beauty concept makes our model look very presentable and on the go for an every day makeup look. The Japanese Idol however is different in terms that it makes our model look a little more dolly or dramatic. the liner is drawn downwards compared to Cool Beauty which curves up little. And for Japanese Idol, as you can see, her eye bag on the right is highlighted to make it more obvious. It is a trend among Japanese girls to create that eye-bag makeup for a more dramatic Japanese Idol a.k.a dolly-like look. Also, the eyebrows for Cool Beauty has a little arch and then gets thin at the edges while the Japanese Idol, the eyebrow is made to look flat.

Which one do you think you'd be able to pull off? Scroll down to see what I chose!

And so I chose to try cool beauty , what do you girls think ? Yes, I'll work on it. hehe

The reason why I mentioned earlier that the Gradation Tip Shadow is my favoriteis because 1- it can be used as a shadow to blend and create that smokey eyes effect 2- it can be used as an eye liner  & 3- you can use it as an eye brow pencil to create a little more dimension ! It's like an all-in-one must have product if you're traveling!

What did I think of BCL BFF Makeup Party?
Workshops like this is a great way for BFFs with the same interest to spend time with each other. I've never been to a makeup workshop by a Japanese brand. I've always thought that Japanese products are to 'Harajuku-ish' for me because I never thought I could pull it off .But I was wrong, BCL makeup can do both, from simple makeup to one that stands out, I think it is just awesome! Hiraku San made it so simple in his step-by-step tutorial which made our lives, especially mine, even easier as to follow and re-create both looks!
He also gave us tips which I never actually tried . I don't know if it's obvious in my picture but can you see how long my lashes look? Well, here's the trick. According to Hiroki San, one way of curling your lashes and making it look longer is to firstly with the mascara wand, comb your lashes inwards and then wait thirty seconds and put on the second layer of mascara as usual. The first step to it makes the lashes stick together and as you proceed to the second step , it automatically curls as you apply it. How cool is that!
And so, like all other great workshops and events, this one had to come to an end too! 
A day well spent with not only one BFF but also with our other two BFFs, Shivani and Shasha!

And here's a group shot to end the day!

Thank you BCL Malaysia and Madom Malaysia for a lovely day! 
For more information check out their BCL Malaysia Facebook 

 Till my next post, 

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