MakeUp Eraser

17 August 2015

 Removes your makeup with only water

Hey everyone! I've been wanting to share this with all of you, this oh-so-awesome product that I can guarantee you , will be the only remover you carry with you when you travel! Hands up if you know what I'm talking about!

 Introducing , 

Makeup Eraser

The Makeup Eraser is an all natural method of your removing makeup. No harsh chemicals needed, just wet the cloth with water and all your makeup is removed. Including waterproof eyeliner & mascara, HD makeup and much more. The best part of the Makeup Eraser is it is reusable, throw it in the wash and no stains remain. The Makeup Eraser will last 1000 washes and eliminate your need to buy product to remove your makeup. The Makeup Eraser is pink with a sateen edge plush and soft to the touch.
Shall we see if it is as good as they claim to be? 
I've been waiting to give this a try since the time I got it sometime back. Thanks Sabrina for introducing this makeup eraser! It's one cloth that I can't live without!

MakeUp Eraser is a product of the United States but made in China. There are two sides to this MakeUp Eraser: An Exfoliating Side and a Softer Side. Don't forget to wash your MakeUp Eraser for the first time before using it.  And when using it, it is advisable to use warm water to remove your make up.

Besides using it to remove make up, this MakeUp Eraser is also good for cleaning your brushes, Because the make up eraser is a pretty big piece of cloth , and I usually only use a small section of it, I'd use the clean section of it to clean my make up brushes too. Once done, throw it in the washing machine, give it a good wash and then its good as new to reuse! It's that simple and convenient.The Makeup Eraser works well to remove waterproof make up such as mascara! I've washed it a couple of times already and one thing I would say is that it washes off bout 90 percent of the make up from the cloth. the waterproof mascara on the cloth sometimes needs to be washed twice at least to get rid of. But, I would recommend washing your cloth by hand instead of machine washing it as it is cleaner and it removes the stain easily. It is said to be able to last up to 1000 washes. Well, I can't say anything about that at the moment as it hasn't been 1000 yet but I'll definitely let you know if it wears out beofre 1000 washes!

Below is a picture of myself with makeup; Before and after using MakeUp Eraser! & I've also made a video of myself putting the MakeUp Eraser to the test! Watch the video to find how it works and my thoughts on the MakeUp Eraser!

 Like what you see in the video? Are you as impressed as I was? 
I purchased mine from a Malaysian distributor, Ebira Boutique. What are you waiting for? Go get yours now! 

Update: Some of you have asked me if there is any other Malaysian Distributor for the Make Up Eraser and lucky you, I have a really good friend that is selling this awesome product , Check out MUE Malaysia for more information on how to purchase it!