Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

14 November 2013

 A Day of Pampering! 

It's my off day today and I decided to pamper myself! I've heard a lot about Amante from The Butterfly Project. I've seen Mama Butterfly post stuff bout the spa services and all. A few other bloggers too. 
So, today is my day to review it. 
I saw this poster on their page and I thought why not!

  I booked myself an appointment and went over to their branch in Bukit Tinggi Klang. 

The receptionist was very helpful when I called. Although it was last minute and their last call was at 
6.00p.m , they managed to slot me in for that. Mind you, I only called them at 5.30pm! When I got there, they receptionist, Samantha, explained to me bout the Wednesdays promotion and said that I could add RM88 for an hour of Aromatherapy Massage. ( The free massage is only for half an hour) But, unfortunately I did not bring enough cash. However , I decided to just go ahead with the free 30 minutes Aromatherapy massage and do my nails after that. 

After registering, I was ushered upstairs

My masseuse was Sari. I told her that it was my first time so she was very gentle. :) She said that my urat is very tegang . HAHA. and she also said that next time I'll be more relaxed! The reason why I never went for a massage is because I'm shy. Don't like when people touch me or when I have to take of my clothes for them to massage. And because today was just a half an hour body massage, it was just the upper body so that was fine! 
Just as I was falling asleep, 30 minutes was up. Gosh! I told myself I'm definitely going back for another round. My body felt lighter after that. Awesomeness! 

After the Aromatherapy Massage, I did my nails. I needed a manicure so badly! My poor nails! Connie was did my nails for me and I absolutely love it! Look at it! I wish it was Gel though. Then it'll last forever! Haha. Oh and I paid RM53 for this. RM38 is their manicure and an extra RM15 for the nail design!

These are their popular services! There is definitely something that suits you! 

Take a look at their other promotion! Bring a girlfriend or your mum! 

Thank You Samantha, Sari and Connie ! ( Sorry I can remember the receptionist that answered my call! ) Overall, today has been a good day! And I wish I was still on leave! I'm definitely going back there
Oh and They have a couple of other outlets around Klang Valley!

 Click Website or their Facebook Page for more details! 



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