12 November 2013

It begins with you! 

I know I'm a little late but it's actually never too late to make a change.:D So, If you're reading this and you've not joined this cause,Please do! * Read on to find out my idea*

The Butterfly Project Malaysia have pledged to help Philips Malaysia to spread the word to get more people to join in the Philips Innovation That Matters To You contest. This contest is held internationally with Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore. The best ideas will come to live! I personally think that this is a good cause that the Butterfly Project has engaged in. We see the other side of the butterflies and not only a beauty & fashion blogger but a blogger that put together could create change that will mean something to ourselves and the society. 

 We all want change don't we, we all want the same things, a safer city and a healthier home to live in. So why not be a part of this cause! All our ideas put together will help make this come true! You'll be a part of the community that made a difference in someone's life! 

Check out the video if you wanna know more bout this community effort by Philips. You'll definitely be motivated by this video! I know I was!

Here's how you can be a part of this community effort!:
  1. Blog about the contest!( Include the idea that you've submitted!)
  2. Drop your blog link here
  3. 7 Lucky Bloggers will walk away with Philips Prizes! ( This I think is a bonus, what matters is we do our part TOGETHER!)
  4. Spread the news about this cause!  Join the conversations on #meaningfulinnovation on Facebook, Twitter @PhilipsMY and Instagram and visit to find out more! The more you share, the higher your chances are!

Here's how you can Submit your idea on Philips website now!:

  Do you have an idea for building safer cities and healtheir homes? I bet you do! What are you waiting for?? Blog and submit them ideas now! 

You'll see a screen like this. Fill it with not more than 150 characters. It's that simple! Just make sure it is realistic, sustainable and it benefits the community!
Here's my idea! 

If you've noticed, there are a lot of construction works that is currently going on around our neighborhood, in towns and along highways.It's a good thing because the infrastructure of the country is improving. We've got better roads, Better pipelines, Better highways, etc. However, the construction of infrastructure can sometimes cause fatality. A few months ago,someone was killed when the scaffolding slid of the construction site right onto the roof of his car.

I write this with personal experience. Do you know the highway passing Subang Jaya? After the Batu Tiga toll? Yeap, On Federal Highway opposite Empire and the KTM station. They've been doing road works. I am not sure if they building another Flyover or the MRT. BUT Those plastic dividers are very dangerous. I was on my way back from PJ once, and it was raining. As I was approaching that part of the highway, the plastic dividers begin to fall. YES! Like dominos , the only diffrence was it was falling to the side. I managed to cut to the next lane and I was lucky there were no cars behind me. Seriously that was scary. 

Here are some of pictures to show you the type dividers that I mentioned above.  This is not in Subang but along Shah Alam. It's just like the ones in Subang.

Can you see how flimsy it is? Doesn't look solid enough!

This is not safe! The dividers should be higher and more solid! Can you Imagine if the scaffolding just felt over? It happened before right!

Now, this one is near my neighborhood!. It's been going on for almost a month. How can it be a safer city when every time I pass this place I fear that it will just fall right in front of me? Something that seems good now seems hazardous to the community.

SO , I came up with this idea! Living in a safer city does not necessarily mean that we only live in an environment without robbers breaking into houses or people running wild ! Haha , A safer city also means that we can drive without worrying bout our safety on the road caused by construction sites that don't drive! Haha!


Together we can make a difference! DO your part now!

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Join the conversations on #meaningfulinnovation on Facebook, Twitter @PhilipsMY and Instagram and visit to find out more!

Til Next time!


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