Maybelline- Eyestudio 24Hr Color Tattoo

3 November 2013

Can it last for 24 hours?

Have you tried Maybelline's EYESTUDIO 24Hr Color Tattoo Gel Cream Shadow? Well I did! At first, I was a skeptical. Like, would it actually last for 24 hours like it says on the cover of it? Is it pigmented enough to actually last? I was a little unconvinced because the tester was all dried up, so there was no way for me to try it. But I thought, what the heck, I'd try one at least , and it if claims to be as good as what it says *24 Hours*  then i'll go back for more!

I purchased mine at RM16.90 , pretty reasonable , isn't it?
These color tattoo shadows come in little eye shadow pots.These shades are available in the US (All ten of them) but I'm not sure if they have everything here in Malaysia.They didn't have all the 10 shades in Watsons though. But here are the different shades available!

You can wear it three different ways :
  1. As an eye liner
  2. As an eye shadow on its own
  3. As a base and mix it with a different eye shadow! (That's what I did)
The one I purchased was Bold Gold 45 

I tried on this cream shadow during Halloween, and as you can see below, it stayed on through out the night! 

Before leaving for the Halloween Party
After the Halloween Party
The pictures below were taken yesterday. I used it on top of Urban Decay's eye primer. I put on my make up around 12pm before I left to go house hopping with my friends for Deepavali. ANDDD....After 12 hours, it's still there. still obvious and still shiny ! I lined my eyes with a brown liner but as you can see it's not visible. But the color tattoo is still there.

There you go! Now that you know it lasts, why don't you go get yourself one and try it ! You won't be disappointed! 
 You'll be able to get this from Watsons , Guardian , Sasa & prolly any departmental stores with a Maybelline counter.  

Check out Maybelline's website for more details and ideas on how you can wear it!
You can also check out make up tutorials online !

If I purchase any other shades , I'll let you all know kayy <3
Or If you have any other shades , Please share the link with me, I would love to see it! 

Til next time !



  1. I have all 7 shades out of 8 here in Malaysia. I still need to get Edgy Emerlad! But I am planning on getting some colors that are not available here like the Pomegrante Punk and metal collections through ebay. I just love this stuff!

    1. Reallly????? OMGGG Then i shall get all of it. Let me know it you manage to get it on ebay k! It's like a lil magic pot kan! <3<3 will check it out on your page babe ! xoxo

  2. I love these too! I want all the colours and it's so sad that they seem to have far more in the States than we do here!

    1. I know right!! :( Hopefully they'll release it here la

  3. Big Love! So this was your "secret weapon" for your Halloween look!! Hehe..

    1. *wink wink* yes! and deepavali too! LOL.. I made it thru the drizzle as well :P