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30 November 2013


It's the weekend !!! And if you have not made any plans, why don't you go on a food hunt! It's so much fun,trust me! I went on my first food hunt adventure a couple of weeks ago! It was my first Food hunt with 50 butterfly bloggers at 1Utama's Wonder Food Adventure and it was awesome!
* thank you The Buttefly Project & 1Utama!*

This year 1Utama decided to host a Wonder Food month from the 4th until the 24th of November 2013

 Oh oh! Did you know it's the 4th LARGEST MALL IN THE WORLD!

It was in collaboration with One Card . The objective of the event was to reward all One Card members when they dine and spend RM100 at any ONECARD Food & Beverage outlets! Not only that, it's a win win situation for both the card holders and the participating outlets because they create awareness of their brand and customers get rewarded!

Let's get started , shall we? To those of you who live and breathe 1Utama, you would already know that there are so many different eateries that you can choose from. Local Food? Desserts? Western Food? Japanese Food? Just Snap your fingers and you can get it! BUT, did you know that they actually have a Food Street which offers a wide variety of local favorite delights. Before I start telling you bout all the different eateries available, this is how my day started. I got there around 10.50 am , registered at the booth where Mama Butterfly Tammy and Momma to be Illy were seated giving out our goodie bags with all the information we need to start our adventure. It's good to go and see familiar faces there and also meet new bloggers who share the same interest.

It wouldn't be right if we did not take a few shots of ourselves before we started right? LOL! 
A group photo before we started our adventure! This is me with Edazz, Shivani and Choy Peng!


Our first stop of the day was at BBQ Chicken . BBQ Chicken also known as Best of the best Quality Chicken is well known for its cooking of their famous fried chicken using 100% Olive Oil!

Believe me when I say I could have finished this all by myself if I didn't have the girls with me !

Our second stop was LAMMEEYA. To be honest, I've never tried any dishes from LAMMEEYA . We did not get to try their famous Lammeeya dish but looking at the pictures was already mouthwatering. Their specialty is of course LAM MEE. *Non Halal* I like the ambiance of the place because although the it looks small but the inside of the shop is very spacious and not congested. I guess the Menu on the walls played a role too!

Looks Yummy don't you think?
How cool is it that the menu is on the wall!

We just had to!

They say, no matter how much you've eaten, and how full you are, your stomach will still have space for desserts ! Our next stop was at MOLTEN LAVA! Their famous for their Churros with Molten Choc Dip and Cinnamon Sugar Churros ! I love anything that has cinnamon in it.Reminds me of Christmas!

Right next to LAVA is FOOD BOX. * non-halal * FOOD BOX is known for their Chinese cooking.  My favourite dish was the Assam Chicken. OMG it was to die for! . It was spicy but the kind where you want more!

Thai style chicken

Assam Chicken
From one food outlet to another, this time we couldn't control ourselves!
 Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh was our next stop! *non halal* . This food outlet is located at the corner but it's not hard to spot ! As we approached Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, we could already the smell of the herbs. We ordered two bowls of their famous Bak Kut Teh. We only tried the Bak Kut Teh Soup though and it was so good!

By this time I already had different kinds of food. And I still wanted more! LOL! The next stop was at BISOU! No introduction is needed because everyone knows how good Bisou cupcakes are! They are famous for the chocolate cupcakes ! We got to try their cupcake of the month, Chocolish!  I for one love their chocolate cuppies!

How could anyone resist those?

We bumped into Tammy while we were at Bisou!

Okay, so , right next to Bisou is SEAWEED CLUB. Seaweed club is famous for their popiah like rolls with seaweed instead of the usual popiah skin!

We tried all four flavors, Original, Wasabi, Spicy and Tuna ! My favourite was the Orignal one because you get the actual taste of the ingredients inside and the seaweed, which is a great combination. I love popiah and I love seaweed. So , this really made my day because I've never tried both together!

Guess what else is around Bisou and Seaweed Club?! It's Mr Cendol! OH MY CENDOL! How do you say no to this lah! I really don't think I can put this into words! I love their Cendol!

Walk a few shops down and you'll come to OYSTER KING! The oysters they serve are as fresh as live ones. Haha. Kidding but it is really fresh. I'm usually very particular about seafood but this was good! We had their signature dish, Fried Oyster.

Oh boy! Here's a tip for all of you, If you're going on a food hunt, be sure to do what we did, after every heavy meal , we had a different dessert to balance it off! Definitely a good idea.

This brings me to the next dessert outlet located right next to oyster king. Craving for Goreng Pisang, but you're in a mall? Fret not, SS2 Goreng Pisang will save the day! or your craving for it :P 

Didn't I tell you that you can have whatever your stomach desires? You want Korean Food, I give you Korean Food ! Satisfy your taste buds at Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights !They serve one of the best Korean Delights around. This is right in front of Oyster King. Lucky me, Happy Fat stomach did not have to travel so far. I've never eaten here before, so Liz and CP ordered the food. This is what we had! Take a look!

Bi Bim Bab
Soon Du Bu Ji Gae. This comes with the rice set. It's just nice for one person but if you're ordering like what we ordered than this and the Bi Bim Bab is enough for three! Remember, It tastes better when you're sharing!

 Oh how do you say no to this! Na-ah! You can't ! It was so good!
And if you're in the mood for something light, how about having Yong Tau Foo at EAT & HAPPY YONG TAU FOO? They've got a wide variety yong tau foo to choose from. You can have it on its own or have it with noodles be it curry noodles to clear soup noodles . Oh and just so you know all their noodles and their yong tau foo offerings such as fish cake, stuffed peppers, and beancurd skin are all homemade!

I would suggest that you have this first that go over to the dessert shop right in from of it and have yourself a cold soya bean ! It will complete your meal! And, This brings me to the last outlet of my wonder food adventure. yes, and I LOVE YOO too :P Honestly, this is one of my favourite dessert outlet. They serve Chinese tau foo far and different local Chinese desserts. Yum-meh!  Their signature dish is the You Tiao or better known as Yao Char Kuey. My favourite dish is their Tau Foo Far with brown sugar!

Take a look at what we had! 

 We had their famous sesame balls,  mix buns, Yam Balls, Tau Foo Far & of course, SOYA BEAN!

CP couldn't resist it! hehe

By this time I was already ready to take out the cute little Christmas cushion I received in my goodie bag, find a corner and rest my stomach! LOL!

Just to Recap, Here's the list of all participating outlets on that day!
LG Promenade:
SS2 Goreng Pisang,
Ninja Joe,
Seaweed Club,
I Love Yoo,
Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo,
Oyster King,
Mr Cendol,
Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh,
Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights.

LG Highstreet:
BBQ Chicken,
Food Box,
Vivo American Pizza and Panini,

Now here's a recap of all the eateries I've completed!

Again, a big THANK YOU to 1Utama Shopping complex for giving us butterflies the opportunity to go on this wonder food adventure! Check em out here!

And, THANK YOU also MAMA BUTTERFLY  from The Butterfly Project for allowing me to be one of the 50 bloggers on this amazing food adventure! It's definitely an experience I will always remember! 


  1. Wow seems like you had so much fun there! I wanted to go so badly but too bad it clashed with my exam. Thanks for your detailed blogpost which enable me to have a ‘virtual food trip’ even though i wasn’t there.

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