It's Summer All Year 'round!

16 September 2013

Pink and Proper's Bikini Summer Pool Party

Before I start doing a post moterm of the event, On behalf of Malaysia Make-up Addicts Organization(MMAO)  , I just wanna say 
for hosting an 
Bikini Summer Pool Party

Not Forgetting the Wonderful Sponsors:

 China Glaze, Corona Extra, Vanity Trove & Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral
It was definitely a GREAT combination! 

First of all, Thank you for inviting MMAO to this awesome party!!
This Bikini Pool Party was hosted at Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral by the pool from 4.00pm to 7.00pm!
Right, the reason behind the Bikini Pool Party was b'cuz Pink N Proper finally launched its Bikini Collection.*Wuhooo* Just like some of the designs below, their collection ranges from Monokinis to high waited bikinis to bandeau bikinis! Isn't it great that we have different choices to choose from!!  
And you know what's better , it's so affordable! Im a proud owner of TWO pieces from PinkNProper :P

Upon arrival , The guests were greeted at the lobby where the Corona booth stood, we got a goody bag each and two bottles of Corona! Thanks Corona Extra! The weather was perfect for a pool party, and because it's summer all year round here in Malaysia, what could have been better then going for a dip in the pool right!

The event started off with some games to break the ice among the girls. Imagine an Open Book Pop Quiz :D the MC of the day Aidan got us girls on our phones looking for the answers~ Some of us knew the answers but the rest took a lil more time getting it! It was fun though! One of the games, where we had to team up in a group of three, we were required to find hidden stuff all around the bar/ pool area. Omgosh, I was like a mad person looking for those items *thankfully I wasnt the only one* but my team wasn't fast enough. This team of super fast chickas beat us all and won!! The prizes were sponsored by Vanity Trove , China Glaze and PinkNProper themselves!! *A round of Applause pleassee!!* I wish I  won everything!

After the games, we got a preview of some of the Bikinis from PinkNProper's NEW Bikini Collection! I had some favorites which I think I'll be getting! OHH!! Just so you know, the models were bloggers and to come up and walk in front all of us was pretty daring!! Good Job Babes! You girls owned the runway!!  
Here's some of it:


Psstt..Use this special promo code for an extra 10% discount (till 30.09.13)

Digressing a lil * I can't believe the weather was perfect. The sun wasn't so hot, It was a cool day *

Once the preview was over, everyone basically had a good chance to chill, camwhore, take more selfie shots *like me* , hang out with other bloggers and also meet new bloggers there. Of cuz some also went for a swim! It was definitely a relaxing day!

Now, to my fav part  MY #OOTD!!!
(Aztec Print Bikini from Cotton On,RM60; Crop Top from Cotton On, RM5, Denim washed-off Shorts from Brands Outlet;RM 45, Candy Beach Bag & accessories were gifts from my couzie, Thanks Rosie Boo!) Whatchu think? hehe *blushing*

 Before they ended the bikini pool party, (to continue with Corona's party),
 they gave away two big prizes!! Best Dressed & Most likes on Instagram #pnpvtbikinipoolparty & guess what , my cousin Lynnette , won best dressed *CONGRATULATIONS COUSIN!*and I won the Instagram one! Oh yeah!! We won a bunch of things from PinkNProper and the sponsors! 

We won a tote bag,a pair of bikini, a Vanity Trove Beauty Box and 
some awesome powsome China Glaze Nail Polish!!!! 
OH Yeahhh!! Because this post is pretty long,
I'll do a review on the stuff I won on a separate post kayy :D Don't forget to check it Out when i'm done!

  All in all, it was a good day. 
A good day for fun with the girlfriends, A good day of  splash and definitely 
A good day for a cold Corona Beer! 
Looking forward to the next event! Before I end this post , I just wanna say *again* that I had loadsa fun at the party! MMAO is happy to have been part of this event!

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Lotsa Love,